Powerlifting post no.091


Sometimes you’re 17
Sometimes you’re 65
Sometimes you’re giving it your best try
And nothing’s right and nothing’s right
– The Old 97s, ‘My Two Feet’

Today was apparently was when I felt seventeen, in which i felt invincible enough to combine bench and deadlift in my workout.

Never again.

Well, I must confess, I really liked it. Really really liked it. Not enough to do it again within the month, but you get the point. All I know is that I will be needing a hot shower and maybe a painkiller in the night.

So yes,I have been getting stronger since I started the powerlifting program. Current stats:

Deadlift: 5x265lbs
Bench: 5×175
Squats: 5×175

These are five-rep max set, and I know I can go more, but just enjoying these numbers for the moment. And of course, I’m just coasting along various coffee highs as I do so.

Now to see if I can accomplish a squat/bench day.


Letting it out


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So, last we met, we have started the Marley, and I might have used up all of the time between the last entry and this making it. Might. *cough*

Finished Marley!

Name: Marley by Tin Can Knits
Needles: US11
Yarn: I cannot believe I had so much scrap wool yarn to make this. Er…various stuff, all wool.

Adding color!

I had to scour the yarn bins to look for more yarn. And I found lots of them. Most of them worsted, of course, but I found lots of sport, fingering, and lace. After this stripe of dark green, I decided to make a rainbow, and I sorted out colors.

So much color...

I forgot that I had several skeins of discontinued KnitPicks lace and fingering yarns, so they went in. Some leftover sock yarn. Lots of scrap from other projects.

Sailor Moon!

Watched a lot of Sailor Moon SuperS while knitting it. Also took it wherever I went, where I got lots of compliments on it.

It's so big...!

I casted off yesterday, and spent about ten minutes or so weaving in all of the ends that I couldn’t on route of knitting, then I tossed it into the washer.

Yes, you read that right, I tossed it into the washer. I filled the washer halfway and put in about a half-travel bottle of baby wash, then I gently placed the blanket into the bath. Closed the lid and let it agitate for ten seconds, then opened it for three or so minutes. Did that twice more before letting it soak for ten minutes, drained the water out. Repeated for the rinse, making sure the water did not hit the blanket while it was filling.

Sadly enough, I did not have enough foam square tiles for blocking, so I improvised: placing a few unused garbage bags on the floor, making an appropriate rectangle around them, and pinning the blanket’s lace border on the tiles, making sure not to stretch too badly. But it worked!

[imagine there’s a photo of the living room floor with the described here]

So yes, it turned into a really nice thing. Squishy and drapey. Oh, and it grew! It was 33x52in. before blocking and expanded to a generous 33x57in. Really nice and warm. Perfect for the summer nights when the AC dips to a frigid 75F. Yes I know it isn’t really. Hush.



“Doctor…?” Usagi trailed off at seeing his expression. “What’s going on?”

“I will tell you what is going on, my dear,” the man said, stepping off of the throne and leaping off the step to the floor. “I have looked far and wide for a weapon of such caliber to get rid of the Doctor. I even looked in other universes, like this one.”

“Other universes?” Donna asked.

“Imagine that such a weapon, such a tool, was found in the hands of a fifteen year old girl.” He pointed to Usagi’s brooch. “The Maboroshi no Ginzuishō!” he yelled. “With such a gem, I will be able to conquer all of universes!”

“No!” The Doctor cried out. “You can’t do this! It will cause a chain reaction that will-”

“Oh spare me the useless rhetoric,” the man said, lowering his arm and going up to Usagi, who tried to struggle out of her captive’s hands. “No one can save you this time, Doctor. You or your companion scouts.” And with those words, he snatched the brooch from Usagi’s chest.

She screamed, but it was no use. “Give that back!” She would have said more, but the man backslapped her to silence.

“Get rid of them all,” the man said as he walked back to his seat, “and prepare for the next phase in the plan.”

“Yes sir,” Number Two said.

“Wait,” the man said, pausing in front of Number Three. “You have been very useful to me in my quest. I suppose I should reward you for your hard work.”

Number Three blinked worriedly. “A reward?”

The man turned to him and punched him in the stomach. Instead of doubling over, the man shattered into shards of colored glass.

“A reward for all of the failures I had to put up with these so-called sailor scouts,” the man said as the shards fell to the floor. “Let it be known!” he yelled to the rest of the room. “I am your master!”

The Doctor looked poleaxed. “No…” he said in a shocked whisper.

“I will punish those who have failed me! Those who blundered my orders!”

“It can’t be…” the Doctor continued.

“Ah but it is, Doctor!” The man whirled around to face him and the two companions. “I am back! Back from the dead! Back to conquer!” And he laughed wildly, an insane cackle that echoed around the room.

Getting it out of my system


This could be a continuation of sorts with this short but one can never know.

The man snapped his fingers, and the mirror shattered, showing a curvacious lady dressed in bright purple. She wore a bright red mask. “Agent M’Sal,” the man said, “deal with these two.”

“What the hell is going on, Doctor?” Donna said.

“I don’t know,” he said, eyeing the masked lady. She held two long, serrated blades. “This reminds me of something…”

“Stop right there!”

“What?” The Doctor turned to find a group of girls dressed in sailor outfits and miniskirts of various colors that were standing on the steps a few yards away. Four had flowing bows on the front and the back of their outfits, the rear bows flowing to the knees. The one in the middle was the most dressed: a white and pink suit with a triple-layered skirt; a pair of wings were on her back, a heart-shaped brooch was on her chest, and a golden crescent moon was on her forehead. A purple-black cat with the same crescent moon stood under her.

“You wish to destroy a woman’s charms!” the girl said. “We cannot forgive you for that!”

“What?” The Doctor looked at Donna, who looked back.

The girl gestured. “For Love and Justice, the pretty sailor suited soldier Sailor Moon! In the name of the moon…”

“And the Sailor Team!” the rest of the girls chorused.

“We will punish you!”

The man snarled. “M’Sal! Get rid of everyone!”

The Black Knights (Part Three) [nsfw]


Part Two

“Now wait,” I said, surprised at the announcement, “I just came in here to help these two goons a bit.” I looked at Trav and the other, their muscles all pumped and their cocks drooling heavy streams of pre. I tore my gaze away and looked steadily at the coach.

The coach snorted. “Fuck that, kid,” he said. “You got the chain, right?”

The chain? I forgot all about that. I pulled it out.

“NOW!” the coach barked.

“What—” I choked out as the two grabbed me tight and pulled me to the locker room. “What the hell!” I said, struggling futilely against their grip.

“We still need the others to come in here,” the coach said, following after. He looked at Trev and jerked his head towards the exit.
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Story short no. 201


“Hey! What do you think?”

I turned to face Joe and shielded my eyes against the glare. “The fuck?!”

The moose chuckled a bit and walked out of the sun. “It’s okay. It’s something Taoren gave me.”

I rubbed my eyes to dispel the purple spots, and I focused on Joe again. “Woah.”

He was in prime condition, fresh from the gym, and clad only in a poser. Not just any poser, but a glittering golden one. It shimmered gently in the shadows, and the material clung to the moose’s equipment like an lover.

“You like, dude?” he said, bringing his arms up to a double-bi flex. “I think it sets off my body very well.” He shifted to a front lat spread.

“I-I-I…” I cleared my throat and said, “Damn, you’re hot.”

Joe chuckled and turned around, showing two massive rumpcheeks encased in glistening fabric. He flexed, and the fabric stretched awesomely.

“I thought he was going to give me a singlet,’ y’know?” the moose said, turning back around. “You know how I am with singlets,” he continued, scratching a thick pec.

“Yeah,” I said, distracted by the scratching.

“But then the crazy pug gave me this, and I’m like, wait a moment, so I put this on, and I’m suddenly feeling very good.” He shifted his hips a bit, and the bulge scintillated loudly briefly before going back to its usual shimmer.

I sighed lustily. “Yeah, you are certainly good. But are you going to take it off?”

He snorted. “Really, dude?” He waved a hand towards it. “Me? Take this off? You got to be kidding.”

“What if he gives you a golden jock?” I continued. “Or a low-rise Speedo? Or that singlet you wanted? What then?”

The moose shrugged thoughtfully. “I don’t know. I really would like that golden singlet….”

“I suggest you go to Tao and demand that you give him that singlet,” I said, trying to get the image of Moose in a skin-tight singlet burned into my memory.

“Later,” Joe said, coming up to me. “Right now, how about unwrapping this golden prize, eh?” He shifted again, and the bulge twinkled suggestively.

I chuckled.