Poetry challenge No. 1: The Blitz


I follow a poetry/writing prompt group on Facebook, and every Wednesday they give new prompts to use until the following week. The latest prompts deal with novel forms of poetry:

The Blitz
The Bop
Golden Shovel

Well, novel to me. I am not much of a poet, but I do write the occasional bit on Facebook. And I have read about a certain wordplay society known as The Oulipo thanks to Martin Gardner’s Penrose Tiles to Trapdoor Ciphers.

Writing a blitz poem bit mind-bending because it is a mix of word association and planning. You can read about the poem schematic here in the case you want to try your hand at this format.

Stitch a Decade
Knit a stitch
Knit a stitch
Stitch with love
Stitch with care
Care and worry
Care and ease
Ease with love
Ease it down
Down the rabbit hole
Down the briar patch
Patch it well
Patch with yarn
Yarn and needles
Needles of wood
Wood and steel
Wood from trees
Trees from the forest
Trees and their leaves
Leaves me alone
Leaves me at peace
Peace and love
Peace for sale
Sale or rent
Sale of the decade
Decade events
Decade over
Over and out
Over the hills
Hills of green
Hills and valleys
Valleys dark
Valleys with rivers
Rivers stark
Rivers rushing
Rushing to light
Rushing blindly
Blindly to me
Blindly to you
You are here
You are human
Human needs
Human dreams
Dreams to love
Dreams to weave
Weave the cloth
Weave it true
True to life
True and tried


So, last week, I got my first Christmas card by the infamously neat Mr. R.,also known as BlueEyedWolf on FA. He does ingenious comics that uses lots of references of cartoons and other comics; not to mention, he’s a major cartoon buff (from what I gather from our online chats)

Anywho, thanks in part of the card, I got inspired to knit.


The hat is heading back to him along with a Christmas card with his name on it. It’s knitted with acrylic though, which I wasn’t too much at home with, but I didn’t have anything else to use. I wish I did, though. I think it would have done better with wool. *shrugs*

And yes, that is Joe Moose knitting on the card. 😀

Because I owe it to you all



Had to take a shot of me outside the house. Today was a perfect opportunity in doing it. Pocket cameras are perfect for shots like these.

And yes, knitting magazines in Wal-Mart.

[DrVindaloo accent]What’s up with that?[/DrVindaloo]

So, to continue.


Stripy sweater looking fab, even though it’s in the first two inches of its creation. So far, so good, but I would like to get a longer needle for the future.


Also, squishy, bulky scarf. Yes, that is the label from the yellow yarn. More details later. But still, yarn is held double, and the needles are US11s. Not quite the fast work I was expecting, but it does wonders to the hands and fingers.