So I have been experimenting with crochet forms.

Yeah, I know it’s been a while since I actually updated this blog, so let us instead focus on the bizarre fact that I am, in fact, doing crochet. Or has been doing it before this.

New mystery hat pattern

Josh Ryks’ Rebel Hat, in the making. From the look of things, the construction is somewhat weird. I am reminded of Mrs. Zimmerman’s Baby Surprise Jacket with the weird shaping. But seeing it take shape is very interesting indeed.

But I am digressing from crochet.

Last Monday was my nephew Adrian’s birthday and in honor of the occasion, I took out some cotton worsted and a Size I hook [5.5mm], and I scoured Google for a crochet hat. A singular one to make in honor of a singular kid. And I found one: Moogly’s striped slouch hat. I showed it to him and he shrugged. “Okay,” was all he said because he’s that kind of kid.

Anyway I was not discouraged! I looked through the pattern and found it called for post stitches.

My eyebrows rose. ‘What the hell are they?’ I asked myself as I googled it. Found the info I was looking for and used it. And since the yarn was variegated, I didn’t need to worry myself with stripes.

So I worked through the pattern, and I noticed that the post stitches helped give the hat a standing effect when turned upside down. I put the idea aside and finished the hat.

My nephew, Adrien

Which looks quite spiffy on him, as you can tell. It suits him to the ground, and he loves it.

But as I was taken in at the standing effect the post stitches had and cast on for another hat. This time in a bowl form, and I was surprised at the way it turned out.


As you can see it’s already filled with stuff. A lot of stuff. Buttons, knitting doodads, flotsam and jetsam. Also buttons and pins, because I have way too much to show off.

But anyway, I thought that I could modify the thing a bit, so I took some bulky yarn and made a smaller one.

More crochet!

The said knitting doodads now have a holder! I am a bit pleased at myself. In fact, I might be making a set of these as a housewarming gift in the future.


Roll with it


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It is hot and humid and downright nasty outside.

That is a thesis that is pretty much the norm here. I do not need to do a bibliography, citations or anything that proves this fact. If I am asked to defend the thesis, I will ask them to step outside for a few minutes. But thankfully, Mom got a new AC a few months ago, and we do not need to get anything messed up right now. We are nicely chill, stirred but not shaken.

As I said before, crochet is habit forming. You make one granny square, and before you know it, you made thirty with no idea known what to do with them. Well, for starters, you can make a blanket out of them, which I was originally planned. Don’t roll your eyes at me, I could have have changed my mind! Sheesh.

Bearnard, looking totes adorbs

I started Sunday and charted the colors. However, after I was at the desk looking for a pair of scissors, I found Bearnard (Blue Bear Extraordinaire) already sitting on the hexes and looking totes adorbs. “They needed a cute burr to sit on them,” he said. And I fully agreed. But I had to put him elsewhere so I can start with the assembly.

Afghan looking awesome

I went with a modification of a general granny square join, in which you either join by front or back loops. I joined by both loops, and single crocheted. I’ll post a tutorial later.

But as you can see, it gives an interesting look on the afghan. I’m wondering how it’ll looked when it is blocked.


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It’s hot. The asphalt drools into tar, causing my soles to stick ever so slightly on the roads, making me slow as I cross the streets. The sun terrorizes us from a cloudless sky, a pitiless glare. The usual southeastern winds alleviate the heat a bit, but when they die down, it grows only hotter.

Meanwhile, I’m at Starbucks, where is it cool and refreshing. Not quite the Manatee Bar (that’s on the Island) but I am enjoying the AC until I am ready to head out to catch the bus home.

In the meanwhile, I am crocheting.

New crochet project!

Dunno what these will become. Maybe a scarf. I need more scarves. Or maybe a jacket vest? We need another one of those. Hm.

Hexagonal madness


Ever played Hex? It is an interesting game played in an 11×11 hexagonal board, and the purpose of the game is to make a solid path from one end of the board to the other. The game has been around for since the 1940’s and has been used in various mathematical circles of thought. It cannot end in a tie, alas.

Hexagons are also one of the basic polygons that can successfully tile a plane. Its equality of angles and sides has been seen in honeycombs, bubble froth, and a load of natural phenomena. It also makes awesome granny blankets.

Granny hex

I had no idea when I started doing this. It was an inspired get-together. I need more yarn to make it even moreso. Or just to continue with my original idea and maybe make this into a scarf/wrap. If I make this wider, it could go for a baby blanket, but I’m thinking of just making it into the former. Or not. I know of a few babies who would love being swathed in this adorable thing. Hm.

Wednesday update


One thing I have to admit is that I am back on the saddle again. You see, when I did the physical a few weeks back, we talked about mental stuff, which lead me to admit that I was in the local mental health clinic a few years ago. They called a day after that setting up an appointment with their counselor, to which I went and basically vented out everything I have been bottling up. After a few questions, she mentioned that my minor depression might be deepening, which is very worrying and frightening. But today, after another session, we feel my regular coping skills are eroding due to frustration with home and work, leading to getting depressed. More sessions are needed before we pin things down.


After two attempts at making crochet hats, I turned my hand at making granny squares. But not squares. Instead, hexagons.

Latest project!

Yarn is Lion Brand Ice Cream, colorway Lemon Swirl. It’s a nice, soft baby yarn, perfect for baby clothes. Or a blanket. The pattern for the motifs was found on Attic24, a crochet blog. I’ve been looking into her tutorials for a while, and I finally plucked my courage to start making these lil’ hexies. Also, the yarn is perfect for making them, as you can tell. I need to go to Hobby Lobby and get some more of a different colorway so I can make some interesting effects.



Once upon a time, there was a moose that was bored with his knitting. He ranted and raved on how terrible the current thing on the needles was, and how he would go into a nervous breakdown if things did not change for the better. Which didn’t – his room got messy(er) and more cluttered as he slowly and grumblingly knitted.


Then one day (yesterday) he met some ladies from the Harlingen knitting club, who showed off their latest crocheted projects. The moose, in a fit of inspiration, asked a few questions and was shown how to do things with promises to visit and show things for the next class.

The moose went home and looked in the yarn bins for something to hook with, and found loads of acrylic yarn for him to use. With a little finagling, he found that was indeed inspired, and while the knitting gently acquired dust kittens, he found that crochet was the perfect thing to get out of his rut.


The next day, he got a package in the mail, and, taking a break from his crochet, he opened it and found that he had yarn in his fortune.


He had forgotten that in September, he signed up for Jimmy Beans Wool Beanie Bags, in which he would be given samples of yarn. And what wonderful samples they are, very nice yarn indeed; he couldn’t stop petting them and thus forcing him to put them away and focus on crocheting. And with that, he lived happily ever after. Or at least until the evening.

Yarn is, from left to right, Baah La Jolla ‘Tequila Lime’, Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock ‘Tomfoolery’, Mrs. Crosby Satchel ‘Hummingbird’, and Cascade Heritage Silk ‘Real Black’. For more information with the Beanie Bags, visit their website.

Finished Stuffs


it’s been a pretty busy week with my needlework. Nothing much to complain about, seeing that it kills time and helps me relax. But you folks need to see what I actually make, so that we will have no disruptions in communications. I sometimes have people come up to me and say, “Dude, I saw you in this bitchin’ sweater/hat/pair of socks a while back. When did you finish it? Why didn’t I see it on your blog?” And I have to explain that I don’t post things on my blog as often as I’m supposed to. Which leaves them scratching their heads because they know I’m not employed, and thus have plenty of time to post. Eh, it happens.

So, rather than leaving you folks in a state of confusion, let me show you what I have finished.

Birthday scarf II

The scarf I’ve been knitting on the fly for a while. I finished a few weeks ago, and barely blocked it last night.

Name: Alternate Mistake Rib
Yarn Used: Fibra Natura Inca Colors No. 44036, two skeins
Needles: 7mm (Got them with my original knitting kit)

For those wondering what I mean by alternate mistake rib, just work mistake rib (4x+3 stitches, *K2, P2*, end K2, P1 all rows) until you reach the desired length, in this case, six inches, then you reverse it – *P2, K2*, end P2, K1 all rows – until you reach the desired length, then repeat. Simple.

Of course, this is a bulky weight yarn, so it was a really quick knit. However, I tossed it into the Procrastination Bin and finally got it washed/blocked. I had to take it to the washer’s spin cycle, which had it so unsopping with water that it was practically bone dry. I just poured it onto the mat and molded into shape. No pins or anything. And it dried to such a pretty, cozy scarf that I’m tempted to keep it.

The other thing I’ve been doing was the Bullseye throw.


As you can see.

Name: Bullseye
Hook: Size H (5mm)
Yarn: Assorted scraps

After I blocked the squares Saturday night, I slipped stitched them thanks to this nifty lil’ tutorial, and it turned out much easier than I though. Sunday afternoon, I gave the entire thing a custom border.

Crocheted blanket border

One row of single crochet in between the double crochet spaces, then a row of half-doubles around. Gives it a solid border that really finished the throw. And indeed it’s throw, because I throw it all over the place. But right now, it’s on the chair, where it’s looking pretty neat and awesome. It’s so awesome that I want to make another one later. But not right now because I’m taking something out of the Procrastination Bin, and it’s a doozy.

*knit knit knit*

Yes, that is the Tom Baker (4th Doctor) scarf. I might actually finish it this time. Who knows.