Finals and such


25607 words. All I wrote for Nanowrimo. And most of it was added after I posted the chapter. Loads of stuff I won’t show. Because the file will likely gather dust like my 2011 attempt. Which needs to be posted. Sooner or later.

But, yes, this past week has been, to me, hectic. Hell, this month has been hectic. With me and Nanowrimo and time constraints and other crap going on, I was getting at the end of my tether. Mix with a bad gym schedule, and you had a guy with a reaaally bad month.

Still, this past week was pretty okay. Thanksgiving came and went, much to my dismay: We were supposed to cancel it, but I wake up Thursday morning to find Mom prepping the turkey. *shrugs* It was half-assed anyway, most of the stuff was from packages. Still, would be better if we were to skip is altogether. Ah well. It was the day after that was awesome to me, because I got my birthday/Christmas gift.

New 2DS!

After I bemoaned the fact that I couldn’t be ‘hip’ and ‘cool’ like the folks who have a Nintendo 3DS on Twitter, one of the followers there linked me to where I can get a refurbished version of a 2DS on the cheap. Right now, I’m looking through Amazon to see what games I can get because I want to be a Thoroughly Modern Millie Moosie, where I am seeing some really awesome deals.

During the weekend, I found how bad the Black Weekend was. Mom and I went out Saturday to find the shops packed and unavailable to window shop. But I got inspired to find crochet snowflake patterns online, where I found really nice one. With a bit of finangling, I got myself with six wooly snowflakes yesterday, to which I blocked and pinned and starched.

Crochet snowflakes!

I’m giving them more time because it was a lot of starch I applied to them and so far they are looking pretty! I should make more.

After I am done with the knitting project.


Brooklyn Tweed’s Hemlock Ring Blanket. I always wanted to make it, and now that I got enough yarn to make it, it doesn’t take a genius to cast on. Right now, I am in-between skeins right now. Heck, I am not done with the Point of Libra No.2 yet! I have been constantly distracted with other things to worry about the shawl or the other things on the needles.

At least I have the gym.


Hexagonal madness


Ever played Hex? It is an interesting game played in an 11×11 hexagonal board, and the purpose of the game is to make a solid path from one end of the board to the other. The game has been around for since the 1940’s and has been used in various mathematical circles of thought. It cannot end in a tie, alas.

Hexagons are also one of the basic polygons that can successfully tile a plane. Its equality of angles and sides has been seen in honeycombs, bubble froth, and a load of natural phenomena. It also makes awesome granny blankets.

Granny hex

I had no idea when I started doing this. It was an inspired get-together. I need more yarn to make it even moreso. Or just to continue with my original idea and maybe make this into a scarf/wrap. If I make this wider, it could go for a baby blanket, but I’m thinking of just making it into the former. Or not. I know of a few babies who would love being swathed in this adorable thing. Hm.

Wednesday update


One thing I have to admit is that I am back on the saddle again. You see, when I did the physical a few weeks back, we talked about mental stuff, which lead me to admit that I was in the local mental health clinic a few years ago. They called a day after that setting up an appointment with their counselor, to which I went and basically vented out everything I have been bottling up. After a few questions, she mentioned that my minor depression might be deepening, which is very worrying and frightening. But today, after another session, we feel my regular coping skills are eroding due to frustration with home and work, leading to getting depressed. More sessions are needed before we pin things down.


After two attempts at making crochet hats, I turned my hand at making granny squares. But not squares. Instead, hexagons.

Latest project!

Yarn is Lion Brand Ice Cream, colorway Lemon Swirl. It’s a nice, soft baby yarn, perfect for baby clothes. Or a blanket. The pattern for the motifs was found on Attic24, a crochet blog. I’ve been looking into her tutorials for a while, and I finally plucked my courage to start making these lil’ hexies. Also, the yarn is perfect for making them, as you can tell. I need to go to Hobby Lobby and get some more of a different colorway so I can make some interesting effects.

Finished Stuffs


it’s been a pretty busy week with my needlework. Nothing much to complain about, seeing that it kills time and helps me relax. But you folks need to see what I actually make, so that we will have no disruptions in communications. I sometimes have people come up to me and say, “Dude, I saw you in this bitchin’ sweater/hat/pair of socks a while back. When did you finish it? Why didn’t I see it on your blog?” And I have to explain that I don’t post things on my blog as often as I’m supposed to. Which leaves them scratching their heads because they know I’m not employed, and thus have plenty of time to post. Eh, it happens.

So, rather than leaving you folks in a state of confusion, let me show you what I have finished.

Birthday scarf II

The scarf I’ve been knitting on the fly for a while. I finished a few weeks ago, and barely blocked it last night.

Name: Alternate Mistake Rib
Yarn Used: Fibra Natura Inca Colors No. 44036, two skeins
Needles: 7mm (Got them with my original knitting kit)

For those wondering what I mean by alternate mistake rib, just work mistake rib (4x+3 stitches, *K2, P2*, end K2, P1 all rows) until you reach the desired length, in this case, six inches, then you reverse it – *P2, K2*, end P2, K1 all rows – until you reach the desired length, then repeat. Simple.

Of course, this is a bulky weight yarn, so it was a really quick knit. However, I tossed it into the Procrastination Bin and finally got it washed/blocked. I had to take it to the washer’s spin cycle, which had it so unsopping with water that it was practically bone dry. I just poured it onto the mat and molded into shape. No pins or anything. And it dried to such a pretty, cozy scarf that I’m tempted to keep it.

The other thing I’ve been doing was the Bullseye throw.


As you can see.

Name: Bullseye
Hook: Size H (5mm)
Yarn: Assorted scraps

After I blocked the squares Saturday night, I slipped stitched them thanks to this nifty lil’ tutorial, and it turned out much easier than I though. Sunday afternoon, I gave the entire thing a custom border.

Crocheted blanket border

One row of single crochet in between the double crochet spaces, then a row of half-doubles around. Gives it a solid border that really finished the throw. And indeed it’s throw, because I throw it all over the place. But right now, it’s on the chair, where it’s looking pretty neat and awesome. It’s so awesome that I want to make another one later. But not right now because I’m taking something out of the Procrastination Bin, and it’s a doozy.

*knit knit knit*

Yes, that is the Tom Baker (4th Doctor) scarf. I might actually finish it this time. Who knows.



It’s all the dust here, I tell you. All the dust. Blargh.

Anywho, how’s you? I am feeling very seasonal. Like, humming Christmas tunes and just feeling extra jolly. Could be the fact that winter came early (mid-Nov.), but I don’t know. Right now, I just want to take down the tree and to just decorate it.

Oh wait, we did that today.

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree...

We also put up some other decor this past week, and I’ll see about putting up some photos later on.

In the meanwhile, I’ve been crafty.


I found some really good superwash wool from Tuesday Morning a few months back, and when the season came along, I felt seasonal enough to make a hat-in-training. I might have some stitchery later on, including lil’ felt holly leaves, fluffy bobbles, and even a bell or two. Oh hell, yes it will have all that stuff. I’m already looking at stuff over at Hobby Lobby. [sweatdrop]

I finished that hat I should have already sent to the KnitSwap.

Finished hat!

Size US10 and Lion Brand’s Martha Stewart Crafts Roving Wool, the colors discontinued, alas. Sea Glass and some other teal color. I need to hunt for the labels. It is very squishy; it’s like squeezing marshmallows. I give it the Moose Stamp of Approval. (seal pending appearance)

Also been crocheting.

Crocheted square

Remember this? I fished it out of the bag it was in (with the rest of the acrylic) and finished it up, as you can see. Then I wondered if I can do another one.


See? I’m a sadist.

*air ukelele*


Now Listening: JAXX – Chrono Trigger Time Punk OC ReMix
Mood: Crafty!

I have a confession to make, readers.

I am taking up crochet.

Now, I am not cheating on my knitting. I am just taking a break from it for the moment. Playing the field, as the slang goes. Of course, once I get to know crochet better, I might invite knitting for some added fun. A ménage à trois, if I may be so bold to conjure the notion. *chuckles*

As the saying goes, it’s all fun and games until you get a needle up your arse. Or something like that.

Crochet mitered square.

I feel like such a traitor…

Anyway, after looking at, of all things, dishcloth patterns, I got inspired to try my hand at double crochet mitered squares. After a few false starts, I went to the place where I learned how to make my first granny square, Litte Tin Bird. After a bit of thought, I started making it.


I have no idea how big it will get. I think it’s already close to a foot. I might make it two and then make four more for a throw of a sort. I need more graphic stuff in my room, despite all of the artwork on the walls. I also need to plan a bit more on this; although, the square looks pretty cool as is. I might just keep on making it bigger until it reaches the four foot length. With some knitted stuffs on the edge…tré kinky.

Don’t mind me…


…I’m just doing the Swansea Shuffle.

And if you don’t know that reference, we can’t be friends anymore. Sorry.

But to those who do get that, let me show you something.

Completed granny square!

One 12in.x12in. granny square! Doesn’t it look be-yoo-ti-ful?

Now, I only need to make another 23 or so of these to make a blanket! Or make several 6x6in. and make them into a square. Dunno.


I look so gay in this photo. /duh