So I have been experimenting with crochet forms.

Yeah, I know it’s been a while since I actually updated this blog, so let us instead focus on the bizarre fact that I am, in fact, doing crochet. Or has been doing it before this.

New mystery hat pattern

Josh Ryks’ Rebel Hat, in the making. From the look of things, the construction is somewhat weird. I am reminded of Mrs. Zimmerman’s Baby Surprise Jacket with the weird shaping. But seeing it take shape is very interesting indeed.

But I am digressing from crochet.

Last Monday was my nephew Adrian’s birthday and in honor of the occasion, I took out some cotton worsted and a Size I hook [5.5mm], and I scoured Google for a crochet hat. A singular one to make in honor of a singular kid. And I found one: Moogly’s striped slouch hat. I showed it to him and he shrugged. “Okay,” was all he said because he’s that kind of kid.

Anyway I was not discouraged! I looked through the pattern and found it called for post stitches.

My eyebrows rose. ‘What the hell are they?’ I asked myself as I googled it. Found the info I was looking for and used it. And since the yarn was variegated, I didn’t need to worry myself with stripes.

So I worked through the pattern, and I noticed that the post stitches helped give the hat a standing effect when turned upside down. I put the idea aside and finished the hat.

My nephew, Adrien

Which looks quite spiffy on him, as you can tell. It suits him to the ground, and he loves it.

But as I was taken in at the standing effect the post stitches had and cast on for another hat. This time in a bowl form, and I was surprised at the way it turned out.


As you can see it’s already filled with stuff. A lot of stuff. Buttons, knitting doodads, flotsam and jetsam. Also buttons and pins, because I have way too much to show off.

But anyway, I thought that I could modify the thing a bit, so I took some bulky yarn and made a smaller one.

More crochet!

The said knitting doodads now have a holder! I am a bit pleased at myself. In fact, I might be making a set of these as a housewarming gift in the future.


It’s A Heartache


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A week has gone by and me with nothing to show for it. Correction: I finished the blanket throw.

Finished blanket!

Hook size: H/8, 5.0mm
Yarn: Scrap wool
Finished size: Approximately 4×5 ft [1.22x 1.5m]

I think I mentioned it before, but I consider this my summer project. Started with enough to make a scarf, but then I couldn’t stop. Until this beautiful thing came out. I even did a border.

Blanket edging

I spend a while trying to find one, and I thought to myself, “Dude, why not just make one?” So, I got a wool I didn’t use with the main body and did a modified mesh stitch, as follows:

First row: Ch5 (counts as a single crochet and Ch3), *single crochet in space, ch3* until end, slip stitch second chain
Second row: Ch6 (counts as half-double and ch3), *half-double crochet in chain space, ch3* until end, slip stitch 3rd chain. Bind off.

After that, I sewed in the ends and gave it a quick wash in the washer – extra large load amount with about a tablespoon or so of Gain laundry detergent. Yes, I know, I can see you guys wincing at that admission, but I was very watchful. Nothing bad came out of it, besides the blanket smelling of faintly pine forest. I spread it out on a shower curtain I bought for the purpose of unpinned blocking, and let it dry for the night.

It’s very warm and very snuggly. I’ve been using it for the times the AC shoots out its thick gooey flow of cold air during the night time, and it is quite comforting.

But right now, I’m making a hat.


It was the Big Nephew’s birthday these past weeks, and I promised him a hat when I was done with the blanket. So when I was thoroughly recuperated from the crochet attack, I cast on for the hat. I’m using the same yarn I used for the Boneyard Shawl, the last skein of it actually, and so far it’s coming out nicely. A bit too big, but I think it will look nice on the guy.

Randomly, on a Tuesday

  • End of the summer months, and I am so out of sync with the seasons that I forgotten how to sunbathe. Could be that or the fact that it is so danged hot that I prefer NOT to walk around the area in the hot sun and the asphalt-melting heat. At least I’m well-shod, or else I would be burning my feet.
  • Currently, I’m running on past mistakes and coffee. I’d go into pure coffee, but the first mistake was asking for a cup of Starbucks’ dark roast this morning.
  • Still going for broke with the afghan.Crochet blanket/throwWhen I finished connecting the original blocks, Mom looked at the construct and said, “I think you should make six more.”

    So I am.

    More crochet

    Well, did. I finished the last one before I turned on the laptop (second mistake), and now I am distracted with kitten videos and tumblr porn posts instead of putting these together. It’s a blessing I didn’t take the entire blanket with me, or else I’d never get things done.

  • The story blog is making a splash with various things on it. I am currently revising and reposting the old True to Form story (or what’s around) on it. Because of this, I have removed all of the posts of the story here. I’ll probably be removing the Bar Jocks posts here also. Probably.
  • Due to various requests at the gym asking just what I listen to when lifting, I created an 8Tracks playlist.

    Most of them peppy, upbeat songs. Well, to me that is. Includes some hip-hop, some electric-swing, a good bunch of 90s-00s indie. No jazz, no swing, no j-pop. It has been noted that I listen to Herb Alpert when deadlifting.

  • Keep in mind that isn’t a mistake but a blessing in disguise. Nothing gets you going than listening to the 3rd Man Theme ala Alpert.

Roll with it


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It is hot and humid and downright nasty outside.

That is a thesis that is pretty much the norm here. I do not need to do a bibliography, citations or anything that proves this fact. If I am asked to defend the thesis, I will ask them to step outside for a few minutes. But thankfully, Mom got a new AC a few months ago, and we do not need to get anything messed up right now. We are nicely chill, stirred but not shaken.

As I said before, crochet is habit forming. You make one granny square, and before you know it, you made thirty with no idea known what to do with them. Well, for starters, you can make a blanket out of them, which I was originally planned. Don’t roll your eyes at me, I could have have changed my mind! Sheesh.

Bearnard, looking totes adorbs

I started Sunday and charted the colors. However, after I was at the desk looking for a pair of scissors, I found Bearnard (Blue Bear Extraordinaire) already sitting on the hexes and looking totes adorbs. “They needed a cute burr to sit on them,” he said. And I fully agreed. But I had to put him elsewhere so I can start with the assembly.

Afghan looking awesome

I went with a modification of a general granny square join, in which you either join by front or back loops. I joined by both loops, and single crocheted. I’ll post a tutorial later.

But as you can see, it gives an interesting look on the afghan. I’m wondering how it’ll looked when it is blocked.

Enter tumbleweeds, exit excitement


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The fact of the matter is that the heat (and lack of a good camera phone) has driven me to a point of not doing anything blog-wise here. The writing blog is planning on getting a flood of stuff, though. I found a very interesting webcomic by the name of Floraverse (archive link – read the first part before sifting the rest), and it got me thinking that my universe, the one with the Bulls and all, never really got any kind of character sheet in a fashion. I have my notebook, so that will play heavily with the worldbuilding. Hopefully it will.

But seeing that I have no artistic talent (drawing) I can’t put my ideas and thoughts into comics. All I have is writing. Still, half a loaf and all.

Most of the time off though has been taken up by crochet.


I have become addicted with making crochet hexagons from unused skeins of yarn and scrap yarn. These lil’ things have been an interesting replacement from knitting, and I am not getting tired with making one after another. They’re like the Lays potato chip of crochet (you just can’t make one)

Granny hexagons!

Last count was 21. I am pretty sure these will be a scarf or a shawl or something. Maybe a throw. I just need more yarn to make them. Also, yarn to join all these together. That’ll be a hassle in itself. Blech.


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It’s hot. The asphalt drools into tar, causing my soles to stick ever so slightly on the roads, making me slow as I cross the streets. The sun terrorizes us from a cloudless sky, a pitiless glare. The usual southeastern winds alleviate the heat a bit, but when they die down, it grows only hotter.

Meanwhile, I’m at Starbucks, where is it cool and refreshing. Not quite the Manatee Bar (that’s on the Island) but I am enjoying the AC until I am ready to head out to catch the bus home.

In the meanwhile, I am crocheting.

New crochet project!

Dunno what these will become. Maybe a scarf. I need more scarves. Or maybe a jacket vest? We need another one of those. Hm.

Rolling out the door


I could talk about the chaos that England did this morning. I could talk about the heroic sit-in the House Democrats had. I could even talk about the fact that Bernie said he would probably vote for Clinton.

Instead, let us take a step back from all that and focus on my knitting. Namely, the BSJacket.


Part of the pattern needs you to pick up stitches, and you see where I did so. Looking amazing indeed, right? I’m glad you do too.

However, despite all of my searching, I cannot find the fourth ball of yarn, and I am quickly running out of the third. Not to worry, because I got something similar and yet…different. Hopefully it will look good on the jacket, but one cannot be sure. In the meanwhile, I’m sweating and swearing about the missing yarn, and hopefully another hunt will bring it into light. Hopefully.

While that is gathering dust kitten fluff, I am continuing the test knit.


The design is a bit weird, mainly for the reason it has stockinette mosiac/slipped-stitch panels. It has those mainly because, for the most part, mosaic colorwork looks rather bad in garter. But, as I said, this is a test pattern/swatch, and time will tell if I am to be happy with it or not. Also, you can see that the blue looks much better than previous photo I took.

Lastly, crochet.

Crocheting new project

More on that later. :3