Impromptu Poetry


So, while I’m on Facebook, I occasionally see posts from a local poet by the name of Edward Vidaurre. He’s a very neat guy; I’ve seen him recite his works in person. Anyway, these posts are prompts. He gives five words and tells us to write a poem with them. I’ve been meaning to post them on the writing blog, but I think I can do better if I put them here.

In the darkest of yesteryears,
mermaids drifted through the seas
speaking in heavenly dialects,
luring sailors to their dooms.


Raindrops in my heart
Tears falling all around me
Sorrow is the sea


The smell of watercress
renewed dissolving memories
of me and you, walking barefoot
through the thorny garden.
Tears falling, reliving such glad moments.


I strolled the urban cupolas
Enmeshed with the rails.
The threnodies of trains
Leaving me numb
As they passed
Above me, the sunlight strobing.


What the hell did I miss?


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No literally, what the heck. I blink and it’s mid-March. A few days until Spring Break. A few more days until the annual trip to the Island. The hell!

At least I’m not the only one here in this realitorical realm of the world with that mindset. I’m more focused on Instagram than on here that I am seeing Dust Kittens™ gathering all over the place. And don’t get me started on Twitter. Gosh.

At least I am here. I need to play catch up later on. If I don’t forget.

Ramblings of night


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So in a moment of insanity, I blocked Twitter and Facebook from the laptop. I can still get them on the tablet, but seeing that Facebook crashes it and it takes five minutes for Twitter to update tweets, I don’t think I will be on either any time soon.

Why did I do it? No idea. Just felt like getting away from it all.

At least I still have Tumblr. Hm.

Penelope is getting so BIG it isn’t funny. I really need to get her shots so I can get her out more often. She and I are tired of having her leashed up and unable to explore. She’s needing exercise also; she’s getting a bit too chubby. It could be the food, though. *sigh* I’ve been through so many to see what could work with her, and I found only one to work with – Alpo. Oddly, she can’t get enough of the brand.

I’ve been thinking of making a set of nested crochet bowls for my sister as a random gift. Little bowls for knickknacks and other things that might be used in a craft room. I think I have enough bulky yarn for it…

So a while back I got a gift certificate from the Bath&Body Works from my Moose Cousin in Chicago, and a couple of weeks ago, I finally got some.

Yummy scented lotions

It is official: I am in love with the Sparkling Limoncello scent. I smell so citrusy and spritely. [Gosh I sound so gay!] Right now, I am having the stress relief lotion on, like I do mostly every night. I feel relaxed when wearing it. So there’s another thing I’m falling in love with. XD



So I have been experimenting with crochet forms.

Yeah, I know it’s been a while since I actually updated this blog, so let us instead focus on the bizarre fact that I am, in fact, doing crochet. Or has been doing it before this.

New mystery hat pattern

Josh Ryks’ Rebel Hat, in the making. From the look of things, the construction is somewhat weird. I am reminded of Mrs. Zimmerman’s Baby Surprise Jacket with the weird shaping. But seeing it take shape is very interesting indeed.

But I am digressing from crochet.

Last Monday was my nephew Adrian’s birthday and in honor of the occasion, I took out some cotton worsted and a Size I hook [5.5mm], and I scoured Google for a crochet hat. A singular one to make in honor of a singular kid. And I found one: Moogly’s striped slouch hat. I showed it to him and he shrugged. “Okay,” was all he said because he’s that kind of kid.

Anyway I was not discouraged! I looked through the pattern and found it called for post stitches.

My eyebrows rose. ‘What the hell are they?’ I asked myself as I googled it. Found the info I was looking for and used it. And since the yarn was variegated, I didn’t need to worry myself with stripes.

So I worked through the pattern, and I noticed that the post stitches helped give the hat a standing effect when turned upside down. I put the idea aside and finished the hat.

My nephew, Adrien

Which looks quite spiffy on him, as you can tell. It suits him to the ground, and he loves it.

But as I was taken in at the standing effect the post stitches had and cast on for another hat. This time in a bowl form, and I was surprised at the way it turned out.


As you can see it’s already filled with stuff. A lot of stuff. Buttons, knitting doodads, flotsam and jetsam. Also buttons and pins, because I have way too much to show off.

But anyway, I thought that I could modify the thing a bit, so I took some bulky yarn and made a smaller one.

More crochet!

The said knitting doodads now have a holder! I am a bit pleased at myself. In fact, I might be making a set of these as a housewarming gift in the future.