Gym thoughts, during and aft


1) Alrighty! Back day! Deadlifts galore!

2) …okay…what now? Three sets of five? Nao problemo! Wait, two plates on each side1?

3) *sees someone squatting with four plates and a quarter on each side* I’ll do that one day…

4) Wait, nickles on both sides? Okay, need chalk…

5) *after three sets of Romanian deadlifts* The prof’s2 being sadistic today, huh?

6) *after being told to do 4×10 weighted hyperextensions with a plate* …yeah he’s in a sadistic mood…

7) 4×15 of cable rows prof? Don’t…my grip hurts…

8) Yay, I’m done! Wait, need some arm work…

9) Headed out!

10) Yeah I’ll be back Wednesday. Wouldn’t miss it for the world…

1: Plates are 45lbs, quarters are 25, nickles and dimes respectively 5 and 10 lbs
2: I nicknamed my trainer “Professor” or “Prof” for short. Don’t think he minds.

Late night postings


I used to do this. I used to type what I wanted to in the middle of the night. Or the earlier hours. I need to bring this back. This is for the readers who stay up in the graveyard shifts, those who are bored of the unchanging Facebook feed (Tumblr and Twitter has the wonderful thing of changing every other moment.)

So! First entry of the year. First January entry. What do I have to show for this? How about a new shawl pattern?

Ohm shawl III

Ohm Shawl, already on sale on Ravelry [link]. It’s a neat mosaic colorwork shawl, one I hope will make some heads turn. It was knit with Knitpicks Wool of the Andes on US10 needles, making this airy cloth with lots of drape. Already it is heading out as a late Christmas gift to an old friend of mine in Chicago.

While uploading photos, I was surprised on similar the first and last pic of the 364 Photo Challenge was. Here is the one in Jan. 1…

Coffee! #364photochallenge #firstphoto2016

…and the last one on Dec. 31.


I really need to cut down on my coffee intake. [Riiight]

Alright, off to bed.


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December is finally ending, and I can’t be happier. At least I have coffee.

The last Starbucks coffee of the year, a Reward at that. Yeah, a venti cafe with four additional espresso shots. A lot of caffine, but hell, it’s well deserved.

How are you people? Last I posted I wanted nothing to do with the holday season, and I must confess that idea flew out the window as mom pestered me to put the tree up. And the lights. And other holiday crap. I swear that when we are putting everything away I toss eveything out to prevent this happening again.

At least it is the end of the year – the penultimate day. I’m reminded of how things end, as usual, and therefore reminded of all of the lives ending this, most recently Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds. I am not a pessimist, but something tells me things will get worse. *sigh*

Not feeling it


The current holiday season couldn’t be any more indifferent. I am in no mood to put up the tree or the necessary décor. No lights wanted. I just want Christmas to be like any other day so I can treat it with complete and utter ignorance.

I have no duty to let this season continue.

I just feel that I am just a danged cog: expected to do the job and not complain. This past week had the family expect me to put the stuff out, and I refused. Not that it bothered them; they’ll keep asking until I say yes. And I will keep saying no until Christmas day. I am just so damned tired of this crap.

Lag timed


So let’s play catch-up.

First off the Nanowrimo is off. Gone. I haven’t touched it in almost two weeks. November’s events have left me somewhat uninspired. I will try to finish it later, or at least but in a regular quota.

However, I have been reading forum threads on how we could use the month into revising a previous Nano. I should have done that instead. Looked at the 2006 story I tried making and made it palatable.

Damn, ten years of doing this. Hm. You’d think I’d finish a book by now. 😉

Secondly, the test shawl is finished.

The title is still being thought out. The main details are thought out and the minor are planned. I need to do a final copy to make sure all of them are falling into place. And that means yarn! Which is already on its way.

Speaking of November, those who follow my Facebook have seen the posts I’ve put up. I will not get all political on the idiot-elect. I’d rather get my hands dirty and that means effort. And me, with no idea where or how to start…*shrugs*