Name is Joe, pleased to meet you. I am currently 35 years old and living in San Benito, Texas. The weather is usually warm and windy, except during the summer, where it is hotter than a dozen jalapenos.

My interests are many. I try to keep myself not situated with gossip, based on the fact that I usually keep to myself (read: I mind my own business). I am not fond of movies and television, seeing that I got used to listening to music and reading books instead. I am a loner, a hermit, and an introvert (the jury is still out on the last bit). I write, I play in the kitchen, I do minor crafting. I am currently unemployed; although, I’m trying to open up my own yarn store. Signs point that I may be suffering from depression. I have a running gag concerning kittens.

I am a hopeless romantic, but I don’t show it. I am gay, but I don’t brusque about it. I tend to be philosophical and pragmatic. I tend to split hairs when I’m arguing. I have an ongoing passion with thickly-built, furry men (bears). I take photos of myself and others.

I still live with my mom, who’s widowed, and one of my older sisters. My room is in half-blue, half-white. The white part is getting covered in framed art. I am always looking for new things to hang.

Hm. What else to put down.

I tend to collect things. I have several note-worthy collections of Magic the Gathering cards, books, semi-precious gemstones, and, of course, artwork. I tend to gambol off at my own and mess up the so-called plans of everyone. I am turning to be fiercely independent, trying not to depend on everyone to help me do things.

I am also a furry, or to be exact, a lover of anthropomorphic creatures. I have a few characters I role-play with, including a kitten-ranger moose and a bongo-playing otter. I have been doing this since ’07.

I think that’s it.

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