Time and Time Again


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So, let us catch up.

As you folks know I and one of my older sisters got Covid earlier this year. I survived. She, alas, did not.

She and I were not on the best of terms, and with my mindset, I already was prepared to move on in case of things rolling downhill, so not much time was spent on mourning and instead on living. One might say this is a cold, dispassionate way of thinking, but considering that this is my third death to witness (the other two are the parents), I would say that I’ve grown thick-skinned(?) about this.

Frankly speaking, I feel that her absence only fueled my creativity because I have been making things. One would say that I’m burying myself in creative vibes, which would be true. At least they are not destructive vibes. Gods only know the depths those can get.

Last we chatted, I was talking about earrings. This time, I am talking about bracelets.

Someone on Telegram directed me to Auntie’s Beads, a wholesale bead place that had oodles of beads and jewelry findings. Including Matubo Ginko beads, including a pattern of Nela Kábelová’s Snakeskin Bracelet, which, as you can see, I have plenty of. The third one has a bit of a backstory, so bear with me.

Last month, I was at Hobby Lobby getting some beads, and I was talking to one of the clerks about knitting and beading, and when they left, a lady came up to me, telling me she overheard the conversation. After a moment or two of small talk, she mentioned how she has all of these beads that have been gathering dust in her car, and she asked me if the local library could take them in. I agreed they would, and that was that.

The following week I was doing my knitting class when one of the librarians tells me I have a new lady, and lo and behold, it was the lady mentioned! I’m like, “Oh hey! Here with the beads?”

She goes, “Yeah, they’re in the back of the car,” and she leads me there, and to cut a long story short, I’m in possession of this:

All of those bags? Beads.

Categorized by size, so I have a bag full of 15/0 in various colors. 11/0s and 8/0s. And more things. It’s amazing and kind of surprising. But that is not all because those binders are filled with beading patterns both free and paid.

Which leads me to the third bracelet in the photo, because all of the beads came from this epic collection, and I have been busy playing around with ideas, but I fell in love with Deborah Roberti’s Tila Curve bracelet pattern so much that I’m digging around the bead collection to make more. Of course, the original pattern has two Tila beads whereas mine has four, but I’m sure Ms. Roberti wouldn’t mind. 😀

I like the pattern so much I made a few more.

To be honest, I am getting to like making these. 😀