I, for one, welcome our new overlords


Music: ABBA – Does Your Mother Know
Mood: Doggo sick

Right now, I’m trying not to give in.

Those bewitching eyes. That fine fur coat. Her soft maow. The way she looks at you when you scold her. Pure witchcraft.

I am, of course, talking about our new cat, Luna.

Not quite as attractive as Her Most Serene Highness, Lady Tuna, but a few more weeks of pampering can help with that.

All hail the Most Serene Highness

At least Her Highness allows me the privilege of lavishing her with pets. And the occasional kitty treat.

Whenever I am not dazzled by such adorable eyes, I knit. At least try to. I have been down with a lingering cold that I am sure isn’t Covid. Nevertheless, to ease my anxiety, I got tested Tuesday. I didn’t realize just how deep they shoved that wand up your nose. It was rather painful.

So yeh knitting. Currently with Mary Mucklestone’s Destination Pullover, done in prescribed Léttilopi yarn.

It’s so wooly!

The yarn is somewhat crinkly when you first hold it, but it knits up a treat. The design is very simple, and it balances the awareness of colorwork with the meditation of color blocks. I am just about to do the second colorwork stripe. I’ll add on to that later on.

Right now, I’m being asked for pets.

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