Summertime blues


Music: The Seatbelts – American Money
Mood: Uncaffinated

Heyo! Hope you guys are doing okay. Things have been pretty chill these past months, nothing really to worry about. Sure, we have the US political news to worry about, but in terms of family? Nada.

Well, I tell a lie. We celebrated a few graduations, both college and high school, in our family. I got new roses. It has been more rainy than usual; however, the area has been affected by the current heat wave as well.

That said, we might be part of a ‘wet bulb’ scenario in the near future, in which the local atmosphere cannot absorb any more moisture (perspiration) and thus we sweat ourselves to death. Considering we live near the Gulf, it might not happen and all, who knows. Fingers crossed.

I am not going to worry about that sort of thing yet. Instead, I will post my latest finished knit!

The Pandemic Pullover, also known as TinCanKnit’s Flax Light. Put off the needles earlier Sunday and had all of the ends sewn in and blocked, as you can see. Started in early February of last year, this sock yarn sweater got knit off and on throughout the year, put in the Procrastination bin for a few months, and finished on this past month. (Also had a bit of bug damage, but that was readily fixed. Shh.)

Seeing how big it was, I gave it a good washing in the machine: About five seconds of agitation and 20 minutes of a long lingering soak. Did absolutely nothing to the sweater other than give it a slinkiness that I really liked. I need to offer my thanks to the Knitting Deities for such good graces. Yes, the sweater was done without swatching. (le gasp)

Although the yarn was self striping, and thus pooled all over the sweater, I thought it needed a contrasting stripe, and after working about an inch or so of the body I switched colors and knit on.

The colors really don’t look that bad, to be honest.

Also, you might notice that the sleeves look shorter than usual, and that is completely intentional. I chose half-sleeves as a modification, and for that I did nine sets of sleeve decreases, switched colors, and did another sleeve decrease before I knit straight twin rib. I wasn’t expecting the mentioned slinkiness to shift the sleeve length to 3/4 sleeves, but it was a happy accident. I can’t be happier.

One of my nephews took that shot. I think I shall buy him a camera for as a graduation gift. Hm.

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