Ramblings of night


Now Listening: Yo La Tengo: I Feel Like Going Home
Mood: *shrug*

So in a moment of insanity, I blocked Twitter and Facebook from the laptop. I can still get them on the tablet, but seeing that Facebook crashes it and it takes five minutes for Twitter to update tweets, I don’t think I will be on either any time soon.

Why did I do it? No idea. Just felt like getting away from it all.

At least I still have Tumblr. Hm.

Penelope is getting so BIG it isn’t funny. I really need to get her shots so I can get her out more often. She and I are tired of having her leashed up and unable to explore. She’s needing exercise also; she’s getting a bit too chubby. It could be the food, though. *sigh* I’ve been through so many to see what could work with her, and I found only one to work with – Alpo. Oddly, she can’t get enough of the brand.

I’ve been thinking of making a set of nested crochet bowls for my sister as a random gift. Little bowls for knickknacks and other things that might be used in a craft room. I think I have enough bulky yarn for it…

So a while back I got a gift certificate from the Bath&Body Works from my Moose Cousin in Chicago, and a couple of weeks ago, I finally got some.

Yummy scented lotions

It is official: I am in love with the Sparkling Limoncello scent. I smell so citrusy and spritely. [Gosh I sound so gay!] Right now, I am having the stress relief lotion on, like I do mostly every night. I feel relaxed when wearing it. So there’s another thing I’m falling in love with. XD


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