Gym thoughts, during and aft


1) Alrighty! Back day! Deadlifts galore!

2) …okay…what now? Three sets of five? Nao problemo! Wait, two plates on each side1?

3) *sees someone squatting with four plates and a quarter on each side* I’ll do that one day…

4) Wait, nickles on both sides? Okay, need chalk…

5) *after three sets of Romanian deadlifts* The prof’s2 being sadistic today, huh?

6) *after being told to do 4×10 weighted hyperextensions with a plate* …yeah he’s in a sadistic mood…

7) 4×15 of cable rows prof? Don’t…my grip hurts…

8) Yay, I’m done! Wait, need some arm work…

9) Headed out!

10) Yeah I’ll be back Wednesday. Wouldn’t miss it for the world…

1: Plates are 45lbs, quarters are 25, nickles and dimes respectively 5 and 10 lbs
2: I nicknamed my trainer “Professor” or “Prof” for short. Don’t think he minds.


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