Now Listening: Steely Dan – Peg
Mood: Mr. Short Shrift

December is finally ending, and I can’t be happier. At least I have coffee.

The last Starbucks coffee of the year, a Reward at that. Yeah, a venti cafe with four additional espresso shots. A lot of caffine, but hell, it’s well deserved.

How are you people? Last I posted I wanted nothing to do with the holday season, and I must confess that idea flew out the window as mom pestered me to put the tree up. And the lights. And other holiday crap. I swear that when we are putting everything away I toss eveything out to prevent this happening again.

At least it is the end of the year – the penultimate day. I’m reminded of how things end, as usual, and therefore reminded of all of the lives ending this, most recently Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds. I am not a pessimist, but something tells me things will get worse. *sigh*


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