Lag timed


So let’s play catch-up.

First off the Nanowrimo is off. Gone. I haven’t touched it in almost two weeks. November’s events have left me somewhat uninspired. I will try to finish it later, or at least but in a regular quota.

However, I have been reading forum threads on how we could use the month into revising a previous Nano. I should have done that instead. Looked at the 2006 story I tried making and made it palatable.

Damn, ten years of doing this. Hm. You’d think I’d finish a book by now. 😉

Secondly, the test shawl is finished.

The title is still being thought out. The main details are thought out and the minor are planned. I need to do a final copy to make sure all of them are falling into place. And that means yarn! Which is already on its way.

Speaking of November, those who follow my Facebook have seen the posts I’ve put up. I will not get all political on the idiot-elect. I’d rather get my hands dirty and that means effort. And me, with no idea where or how to start…*shrugs*


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