It is the last day of October, so that means only one thing.

Tomorrow is Nanowrimo!

What does this mean for you? Nothing, really. But seeing that I’m trying once again to reach that elusive goal of 50,000 Words in 30 Days, I can’t stress more that I will mutter plotlines, dialogue, and such all over.

That also means that I will probably be lugging the laptop everywhere to catch the daily quota. Again. [sigh]

At least the knitting is okay.

Latest project!

My own pattern. I’m tinkering with it as I go along, but the most part is done, as you can see. I’m going to edit a few more things, as I always do with rough drafts. That means that I am probably keeping this version for myself. Or not. Like I did with the Sunrise shawl, which I gave away as a parting gift to one of my cousins.

Speaking of which…

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