Doing the Time Warp again


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First off, I should have been posting here often enough, but sorry to say, I’ve been distracted with knitting for the holidays. Yes, I got a few hats planned [and birthday gifts]. They’re surprise gifts to people who don’t use the net, so anyone who is reading this, be reassured that you are not getting any holiday hats.


So only three more days until my 37th birthday and already craving the chaos in my life to somehow turn to full fledged adventure. However, the fear of buyer’s remorse is always hovering in the back of my mind, but let us get to that if it gets that way. Instead, i have something new on the needles, and it’s spiffy.


One of my ongoing fascinations with mosiac slipstitch colorwork. I’ve been visiting Laura Kogler’s Mosaic generator, and found an interesting pattern to use. So I cast on, and here we are. Yarn is ‘I Love This Yarn’, sport, and it is on US4. However, it is somewhat stiff, so I tried again on US6, which gave a nice feel. Might try again with US8, but I don’t know.


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