September bliss


It’s already the first days of Fall, the forthcoming of October Country, the beginning of Libra, Balancer of Time and the Equalizer of Space. Do not get me started with NASA’s claim of adjusted zodiacs. Just don’t.

Instead, let me show you some very good rose pictures.

The first Autumn Damask

Behold the Autumn Damask, the Queen of my rose garden, a Lady of the utmost propriety. She is showing off her charms most kindly: a ruffle of pure pink with a delicious Damask perfume. After spring’s fiasco with her windswept ways, she is finally a understanding lady. I just hope we will see more of these blossoms in the future.

Veteran's Honor

Veteran’s Honor, Dad’s rose. One of the roses who bloomed almost nonstop in the summer heat; however, most of these quickly bleached white-pink in the sun. I was lucky enough to get this photo this morning. Still, it’s a nice blossom.

Happy Go Lucky

Happy Go Lucky. This precious child has laughed at the 95F+ temps, bringing flush after flush of nicely scented flowers. A welcome sight to my window, along with the Blue Girl who also has been a nicely behaved rose this year. But unlike the Girl, who easily sunburned and bleached, the Lucky only threw more blossoms out.

I would have showed you photos of the Golden Buddha and the Madame Antoine Mari, but those quickly fuzzed in the sun, so we’ll have to wait for them to come back.


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