I regret nothing!


Now Listening: Pizzicato Five – Domino
Mood: Horny goat

First off, the blanket is done. Off the hook. Right now it is waiting for the last of the ends to be woven in, then I’ll give it a wet block. I am very sure it will benefit from the endeavor.

Also, wow, it’s September. Where did the summer go? I blinked, and bam, gone. [I looked at the summer, and the summer was gone?] I spent most of it crocheting the blocks and putting them together. I felt my hands getting used to crocheting, so I went back last night to get a bit of knitting. Basic 2×2 ribbing swatch, nothing fancy. It did feel like my hands were getting used to the hook. No problem with that because I got a new knitting project on the way. With a bit of crochet on the side.

Also, as the yearly tradition prescribes…

I regret nothing!

I got myself a pumpkin scone. Courtesy of Starbucks, of course. I am not the kind of person to break in the dead of night and get myself a pastry. So I keep telling myself. The coffee is their dark roast, which I only get one cuppa for the most part. If I were to get a refill, it would be for something needing it. Like deadlift day, for example.



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