Randomly, on a Tuesday

  • End of the summer months, and I am so out of sync with the seasons that I forgotten how to sunbathe. Could be that or the fact that it is so danged hot that I prefer NOT to walk around the area in the hot sun and the asphalt-melting heat. At least I’m well-shod, or else I would be burning my feet.
  • Currently, I’m running on past mistakes and coffee. I’d go into pure coffee, but the first mistake was asking for a cup of Starbucks’ dark roast this morning.
  • Still going for broke with the afghan.Crochet blanket/throwWhen I finished connecting the original blocks, Mom looked at the construct and said, “I think you should make six more.”

    So I am.

    More crochet

    Well, did. I finished the last one before I turned on the laptop (second mistake), and now I am distracted with kitten videos and tumblr porn posts instead of putting these together. It’s a blessing I didn’t take the entire blanket with me, or else I’d never get things done.

  • The story blog is making a splash with various things on it. I am currently revising and reposting the old True to Form story (or what’s around) on it. Because of this, I have removed all of the posts of the story here. I’ll probably be removing the Bar Jocks posts here also. Probably.
  • Due to various requests at the gym asking just what I listen to when lifting, I created an 8Tracks playlist.

    Most of them peppy, upbeat songs. Well, to me that is. Includes some hip-hop, some electric-swing, a good bunch of 90s-00s indie. No jazz, no swing, no j-pop. It has been noted that I listen to Herb Alpert when deadlifting.

  • Keep in mind that isn’t a mistake but a blessing in disguise. Nothing gets you going than listening to the 3rd Man Theme ala Alpert.

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