Roll with it


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It is hot and humid and downright nasty outside.

That is a thesis that is pretty much the norm here. I do not need to do a bibliography, citations or anything that proves this fact. If I am asked to defend the thesis, I will ask them to step outside for a few minutes. But thankfully, Mom got a new AC a few months ago, and we do not need to get anything messed up right now. We are nicely chill, stirred but not shaken.

As I said before, crochet is habit forming. You make one granny square, and before you know it, you made thirty with no idea known what to do with them. Well, for starters, you can make a blanket out of them, which I was originally planned. Don’t roll your eyes at me, I could have have changed my mind! Sheesh.

Bearnard, looking totes adorbs

I started Sunday and charted the colors. However, after I was at the desk looking for a pair of scissors, I found Bearnard (Blue Bear Extraordinaire) already sitting on the hexes and looking totes adorbs. “They needed a cute burr to sit on them,” he said. And I fully agreed. But I had to put him elsewhere so I can start with the assembly.

Afghan looking awesome

I went with a modification of a general granny square join, in which you either join by front or back loops. I joined by both loops, and single crocheted. I’ll post a tutorial later.

But as you can see, it gives an interesting look on the afghan. I’m wondering how it’ll looked when it is blocked.


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