Thinking about Steven Universe…


I don’t post much about the shows I watch. The only post I can think of in regards of TV shows would be the squeeing fanboy mode I went into when I saw Avatar: TLA third season finale. I think.

Still, even rarer when I actually post about my fanboy-ism. I keep to myself about this, though if you were to look at my Tumblr tag, you’d find more than usual. Mostly fan art, but still!

Anywho, after seeing yesterday’s episode, I am having these thoughts in my head, and they’re spinning about and such, so I’m going to put them here for further examination as the show progresses.

  1. First, Smokey Quartz. I whooped when I saw that happen. Amaaazing stuff. I’m sure the others will be able to fuse with Steven. The idea of the yo-yo maaayyyy have been lifted from this headcanon post, but it’s all hearsay right now. Still, YES!
  2. Corruption. What if it is an earth thing? The environment has lead to various forms of mischief on the Gems in the past. Which may have been the reason why the Diamonds are so interested in destroying it.
  3. Which leads me to think about ways it could be spread. Why did Jasper get it? Could it be by fusing with the beast and thus giving it the chance to spread to a new host/victim? If that was the case, were the beasts in Gem Hunt originally Crystal Gems? Also, how did this disease start?
  4. What happened to Pink Diamond? Monster Reunion points to three diamonds; however, Jasper speaks for the fourth. Did Rose shatter her? If that’s the case, it would explain her attitude towards Bismuth’s weapon. Or did she somehow reason with Pink to cause disharmony. But that doesn’t explain the horror(?) Jasper had when that was touched upon.
  5. I may have missed the reason, but why the canyons? Were the gems born there test subjects? Wouldn’t surprise me, given the heartlessness the Diamonds have.

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