Enter tumbleweeds, exit excitement


Now Listening: Pizzicato Five – Rain Song
Mood: Orc-ish

The fact of the matter is that the heat (and lack of a good camera phone) has driven me to a point of not doing anything blog-wise here. The writing blog is planning on getting a flood of stuff, though. I found a very interesting webcomic by the name of Floraverse (archive link – read the first part before sifting the rest), and it got me thinking that my universe, the one with the Bulls and all, never really got any kind of character sheet in a fashion. I have my notebook, so that will play heavily with the worldbuilding. Hopefully it will.

But seeing that I have no artistic talent (drawing) I can’t put my ideas and thoughts into comics. All I have is writing. Still, half a loaf and all.

Most of the time off though has been taken up by crochet.


I have become addicted with making crochet hexagons from unused skeins of yarn and scrap yarn. These lil’ things have been an interesting replacement from knitting, and I am not getting tired with making one after another. They’re like the Lays potato chip of crochet (you just can’t make one)

Granny hexagons!

Last count was 21. I am pretty sure these will be a scarf or a shawl or something. Maybe a throw. I just need more yarn to make them. Also, yarn to join all these together. That’ll be a hassle in itself. Blech.

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