Now Listening: ABBA – The Winner Takes It All
Mood: Wistful

It’s hot. The asphalt drools into tar, causing my soles to stick ever so slightly on the roads, making me slow as I cross the streets. The sun terrorizes us from a cloudless sky, a pitiless glare. The usual southeastern winds alleviate the heat a bit, but when they die down, it grows only hotter.

Meanwhile, I’m at Starbucks, where is it cool and refreshing. Not quite the Manatee Bar (that’s on the Island) but I am enjoying the AC until I am ready to head out to catch the bus home.

In the meanwhile, I am crocheting.

New crochet project!

Dunno what these will become. Maybe a scarf. I need more scarves. Or maybe a jacket vest? We need another one of those. Hm.


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