–but the night waned and he sat upon the rock.”
-E. A. Poe, Silence – A Fable

There’s nothing going on at the moment. My days here have been reduced to me listening to Pizzicato Five while I knit and drink coffee. I am still writing, but right now it is just editing old stories and posting them to the writing blog. Speaking of which, the first story of Bar Jocks is up over there. I gave it an editing, polished a few things up. It was well needed: Story One is almost four years old. I will probably tackle the other Stories later on during the weekend.

I have been inspired in part by another writer I follow on Facebook/Twitter, Miss D. Swian. She has been posting story snippets every Tuesday or so on both avenues, and they are pretty good. I’m tempted to try to write more as a lame attempt to top her, but instead I’ll just go at my own pace.

In other news, I finished the BSJacket.

Baby Surprise Jacket

Everyone says that when you are finished, you end up with the knitted equivalent of a mantis ray, and I agree. It is floppy and nonsensical. You can see how the ombre yarn showed up, and you can also see where the replacement ball of yarn was added. However, if we sew up the seams with a slip-stitch crochet join…

Baby Surprise Jacket II

We get this oversized jacket that looks interestingly modern (to my eyes). The replacement ball has turned to a discernible button band and bottom hem. However, you don’t see the ombre part until you turn it over.

Baby Surprise Jacket III

I am probably going to redo the seams during the weekend. I feel that they are way too bulky. For that, I need to probably sew them. More research needed.

One last thing: I have constantly lamented the fact that my Fortuniana rose was not up to par. It kept on showing off pink blossoms instead of white. I should have reflected that if it wasn’t giving the right color rose, it must have been the wrong rose!

Spray Cecile Brunner rose

This is not a Fortuniana like the lady who gave it to me said, but instead a Spray Cecile Brunner. No idea where the original rose is, but I am pretty sure I have it still with me. After all, it was part of the original package.

Still, it is pretty.

Spray Cecile Brunner II

I just wish the current camera phone can take proper photos…


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