Rolling out the door


I could talk about the chaos that England did this morning. I could talk about the heroic sit-in the House Democrats had. I could even talk about the fact that Bernie said he would probably vote for Clinton.

Instead, let us take a step back from all that and focus on my knitting. Namely, the BSJacket.


Part of the pattern needs you to pick up stitches, and you see where I did so. Looking amazing indeed, right? I’m glad you do too.

However, despite all of my searching, I cannot find the fourth ball of yarn, and I am quickly running out of the third. Not to worry, because I got something similar and yet…different. Hopefully it will look good on the jacket, but one cannot be sure. In the meanwhile, I’m sweating and swearing about the missing yarn, and hopefully another hunt will bring it into light. Hopefully.

While that is gathering dust kitten fluff, I am continuing the test knit.


The design is a bit weird, mainly for the reason it has stockinette mosiac/slipped-stitch panels. It has those mainly because, for the most part, mosaic colorwork looks rather bad in garter. But, as I said, this is a test pattern/swatch, and time will tell if I am to be happy with it or not. Also, you can see that the blue looks much better than previous photo I took.

Lastly, crochet.

Crocheting new project

More on that later. :3


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