June gremlins, massacres of memory


I am currently listening to the new Dr. Dog album, ‘The Psychedelic Swamp’ for the tenth time in these past two days. It is an awesome album, filled with crazy things; the more I hear it, the more I’m thinking there’s a tale to be spun out of these songs. I’m oddly reminded of The High Llamas’ ‘Hawaii’. *shrugs* Could be just me.

Anywho, what’s been going on? We’ve been on the seesaw with hot humidity and cool showers. This seesaw is giving the roses a treat: the Hot Cocoa is blooming their heads off with florescent coral flowers while the Chrysler Imperial is giving flushes of short-lasting crimson blossoms. Fragrant Cloud is on the verge of showing another flush, and all of the other potted cuttings are giving new growth. I am very pleased.

A while back I mentioned that I send my camera phone to the official shop to get it looked at, and Friday I received word that the phone was looked into and that it was out of warranty (duh). Because of that, I was to pay them $65 for repairs. When I called them I did say that the person who I called previously said I wouldn’t have to be charged and that it would be a free procedure. After a few minutes clarification, I learned that the phone’s lack of warranty triggered the charge. I asked them to send it back. [siiiigh] Back to the drawing board, I guess.

Speaking of looking for ways out of problems…

*yarn search*

In an effort to look for a specific color of yarn I was sure I had, I looked at all of my yarn stash, including the bin blocking the drawers. That had me thinking of reorganizing said drawers, which lead me to find I had no clean socks/underwear, which lead me to washing said underclothes. Which lead me to tidying up the closet. And Bookshelf No. 2. And finally reorganizing the yarn bins. Still didn’t find what I was looking for, so I grabbed a skein of pale blue Universal worsted wool and redyed it to a bolder sky blue. And knit with it.

New project!

The current camera phone doesn’t pick up blues well enough, but still, the gist of it is there. This test knit is on US8 needles, which gives this a slightly firm feel and a slightly stiff drape. More as I keep knitting.


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