In search of good coffee


“Ah, that first sip…”
-Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Sometimes I wonder what the first coffee drinker thought when he discovered what it can do to the mental state. How awake, how aware it could make you. Also, how addicting it is.

Fast forward a few thousand years. We have the stuff in supermarkets, in stores, ready and willing to be used. We have pods in which we put into machines for portion controlled servings. We have presses, we have kettles, we have filters.

But the old ways still remain the same.


In an effort to get the perfect cup, seeing that our French press isn’t working, I found that yes, you can make coffee in a pot. It was practically easy to do: boil water, add coffee, stir, remove from heat, and let it brew.


It’s pretty good. I just needed a bit more grounds in this batch. But right now, I’m getting the caffeine kicking in, so…

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