There are easier ways…


We have all heard of the incident that happened during the weekend. The shock is not clean-cut like Bowie’s passing but instead the ever-present tingle of slow electric current throughout your body. That tingle tells you that this kind of thing is still present in this world, this kind of hatred for those who love.

I will not stand for this. None of us should. We should be striving for the light, not for the night.

I believe Naoko Takeuchi said it best when she did this:

Super Sailor Moon

Moon Heart Rod aside, her words ring true. We all must shine with the light others give us. Use that light to pierce through the darkness. Likewise, we should also be the light so we can help others to shine. It is a perfect give-take deal, I think so.

Hugs to all. Snugs to all. Smooches and cuddles to all. You are loved.


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