Random Monday

  • In the case you are wondering, I’m knitting again.


    A simple hat of wool, for a simple guy whose birthday was last week. I asked because he is a really neat guy, and he deserves a neat hat. The yarn is fingering/sport wool held double; the label is at home, and thus I do not know where I got it. I use my nifty set of US6 doublepoints because I like how they handle the yarn. Indeed, the gauge is a nice firm 5st/inch, which is pretty nice for me. And look, extra long rib for folding back.

    The only trouble is that I am sure I knit the hat too short, as usual. No idea how he’ll like it, but hey, who knows.

  • The writing blog is doing pretty alright. I’m doing a July story prompt meme so I can at least put something there. I thought I would be posting my more NSFW stuff there, but instead, I’m writing other things. Story shorts right now, but hey who knows.
  • We’ve been having heavy storms this weekend and therefore leading to the ceiling leaking, as usual. However, unlike the times before, I forgot to put down the books I have in the area, so when I woke up Saturday, some of the books were soaked. I couldn’t think of anything else apart from tossing a towel over everything to help soak in any extra water, and I shudder thinking what I will look at when I check later this week.
  • Coffee is not strong enough to prop me up. Perhaps the weights will.

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