Summer days


“‘The time has come,’ the Walrus said,
‘To talk of many things…'”
-Lewis Carroll, ‘The Walrus and The Carpenter’

As I am happily sipping a Starbucks coffee and browsing the net, I have forgotten, yet again, about this blog. All my thoughts are on the Galaxy S3 phone.

It isn’t a phone per se but instead my handy-dandy hand-held computer, courtesy of my sister, who gave it to me a few years ago after she bought a new one. I’ve been using it for wifi, music, camera, app surfing, and other things that made my life ever so much smoother. Until Saturday, when I woke up to a device memory failure error; such an error demands a hard reset (reformat) to the phone. After a few hours of weighing against the phone up to par between losing all the files I have on it, I tried to reset it.

Nothing happened. (The hell?) Tried going into recovery mode. Nothing. (Fucking hell.) Looked up some info, crossed my fingers, and tried flashing the latest firmware onto it. Zilch. (Bloody fucking hell.)

I got very despondent; even my knitting looked unappealing. I snapped at everyone. I swore under my breath as I kept on researching on the problem, the solutions leading to rebooting to other settings (nope) to hard-core flashing (didn’t work) to partitioning the drive (not going to do ever).

Even now, I am going through the motions to see if there is anything that can be done short of sending it in to the official tech. I don’t want to, even though the customer service person I talked to last night says that no charge will incur. I don’t want to lose my precious baby, no I don’t. *pets*

I’m also a bit morose because I read Terry Pratchett’s last book.

Found it at the local library, of all places. You can also see a small glimpse of A Blink of the Screen, which was also there. Anyway, I got it, and I spent the day trying not to cry because it was his last book, and therefore all the sadder. However, it was such a short book, leaving a lot of loose ends. Which is good! Discworld needs loose ends, just in case. (Now I’m wondering if Pratchett allowed fanfictions. Hm.)

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