Alright, there they go


I hope you are comfortable. We are willing to take a bit more than we can chew here, so no worries.

So, as I was thinking so long ago (back in January) I wanted to make a blog solely for my writing, seeing that my more risqué stories were more than likely to cause comment. Not that I care, but I rather keep my other things apart from the original blog. With this one, I can get to more with ramblings with yarn and stuff. Yeah.

So what is with the new blog? Well, as I said, this is to deal with all of my stories, the ones I have not finished, the ones that I have, the Tales of the World, the Nanowrimo stories I’ve yet to post, the flotsam and jetsam.

Knowing me, I will probably be torn with updating either, or neither, on a regular basis. I’m lazy that way. But hey, I have lots of notes, lots of open-ended things, loads of imagination, so I’m guessing this will work. 😀

For the stories that I have here, I’ll probably repost them over there while I delete them here. Look over them, edit them, the usual. Unless I receive word not to. Who knows.

So go ahead and visit. Make yourself known. 😀

A Writing Moose Blog


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