So, back into the habits of not keeping the blog updated. Yay for worn-in habits. *waves lil’ white flag*

So, I have been somewhat frustrated with my knitting this week. Well, knitting ideas. I have no idea what has caused this influx of ideas that has been pelting my mind. Ideas for socks and shawls and sweaters (with faux-seam drop shoulders). However, I lost my idea notebook, the one with several years worth of ideas. So I had to get a new one; almost instantly I jotted down ideas and thoughts until I was spent.

But one of the ideas is not leaving me and getting me into more frustration: The shawl. It is supposed to be beautiful: garter stitch panel with slipped stitch accents. So I knit the panel and started on the accents only to find the colors didn’t go together.


I frogged it and moped dejectedly for a few hours until I realized I can do stockinette! Only to find…


Still doesn’t look good. In a heap of rejection, I frogged it and cast off the thing into The Procrastination Bin. I was thinking of trashing it, but the yarn is still usable.

Anywho, the Idea of the Shawl was still making itself known in my head. Yesterday I sorted through my yarn bins to see what I could find.


I think this is a good combo, to be honest. Already I have revised the notes and doing fine so far.


Additional ranting as this continues. Stay tuned.

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