Endings of Startings


Hello! How’s things with all of you? I have been okay, really I am. The Writing challenge left me a bit drained, so I decided to take the week off while I focused on other things, namely coffee and gym. And knitting.

As mentioned in the last entry, I was planning on doing the FatMuSlim’s Photo Challenge, and so far I have been plodding along. You can keep up with them on my Instagram page if you wish. I’m not pushing you.

So a few days ago, while I was looking for another skein of Lion Brand Sock-Ease (which I couldn’t find no matter how much I looked), The Soapy One came in and asked a few questions about the yarns I had strewn all over the bed. After letting her gently pet and stroke some really bulky yarn (Wisdom Yarns Poems Forte), she looked at me very seriously (for a six year old child) and said, “Can you pleeeaase make me a hat?”

“Sure!” I said, always willing to show off my talents. “With what yarn?”

She showed me the bulky yarn she was petting. “This one.”

I knew it was useless to argue when she has her serious face on. She’s like me in that aspect: You can give her all the reasons why it wouldn’t work and yet she will dig her heels in and say that it will. And it usually does. Like the hat.

Bulky-weight hats

The left is Soapy’s, the right’s my own. I used Sheep and Stitch’s big hat pattern, perfect for bulky yarn and really good with the hat. After finishing it, I looked at one of the skeins of Araucania’s Maipo and cast on for my own hat, this time I added a basic cable with it. I might be making more of these in the near future. 😀

I also finished socks.

Rye socks!

Tin Can Knits’ “Rye” socks, made on US5 needles, yarn is Tess’s Designer Yarn, colorway “You’re not in Kansas anymore”. They fit like a glove, and I might use this pattern as a standard sock pattern. I just need to find some more superwash worsted.

Also, the other pair of socks are up and running.

Stripy socks!

To the long-time readers of this blog, you may have seen these socks back in 2012, and that I have made a mention of them back in 2014. Well, I finished with the socks but the cuffs needed redoing (the ribbing wasn’t long enough on both), so I took an evening to redo them. As I has said before, when it comes to socks, Second Sock Syndrome hits hard.

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