30 Days, 30 Nights of Writing (reprise)


For some reason, I considered this month of Writing Challenge to have a sound track. Something nifty, something interesting, something to dance around with. Rather than make a new one, I’m just going to pull up one of my old ones that involves a few songs that I really jammed out to this month.

I really miss doing this sort of thing. I enjoy writing for goodness sake! If I am going to keep this blog going, I am going to write! And that involves effort. Lots of effort. Speaking of which, I got a new story idea that I just wrote earlier today. I think it looks good. NSFW, alas, but that is how my mind works.

Now, on to the last question the Challenge is asking: one thing I am excited for.

To be honest, there are many things I am excited for right now. I’m excited for Monday, when I’ll hang out again at the Starbucks to drink coffee. I’m excited for the Zootopia DVD that is coming out in June. I’m excited for the game bundle I got from Humble (more on that later). I’m excited that I am making progress in my lifting.

Now I know, I was asked for one thing I was asked for. And for that, I would have to say that I’m am excited for May. You see, not only is May National Photography Month, but also I am trying FatMumSlim’s Photo Challenge. Like the times I have done this, I will try to post a photo each day on the themes posted and probably write a bit about it. I will probably try adding myself into these. I can’t wait!


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