Of Cabbages and Kings


I really do not want to finish this. I’m just so tired. Not of the project, but in general. I think it’s the depression (‘derp’pression) acting up. The fact that the early-summer heat is seeping into the house like black tar. Thankfully, Mom is getting the A.C. looked at tomorrow, so we’ll see if we can get some cool into the place. That and the fact that I am listening to Herbie Hancock is cheering me up some.

But since I’ve started this, might as well add on the last parts, hm?

No. 26 asks for things I’d like to say to an ex. Seeing that I do not have an ex, much less have been in a relationship, I am skipping this.

No. 27 wants to know what I wore today. Well, I usually wear shorts and a shirt. Jock strap. That sort of thing.

If we were going to detail, I would say that I am wearing a pair of red plaid shorts that I got from a local thrift store, one of my many Woot shirts I have, black Fila sneakers. Socks of course. I was wondering if I was going to get a hat, but I felt it was going to be too hot for that.

Today’s (No. 28) is wondering what word/phrase that I use constantly. I have several, depending on the mood, including several curses. I cannot decide on just one, really. Hm.


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