A perfect date


I refer you to the movie Miss Congeniality for that. It is April 25th, after all. 😀

As a brief catch-up, I tried dying yarn in the microwave again, this time in two colors.

Second dyeing attempt

The red that I used did not quite meld into the yarn as I thought it would, causing it to blend into the yellow in a more fiery red-orange. Also, as you can see, there’s places where the dye didn’t touch, which I don’t mind one bit.

Also, today’s Writing Challenge! No. 25 asks for four weird traits about me. I am trying to think of them, but I can’t really. I need to think some more.

1) I can purr. I call it a side effect from trying to learn Spanish, since you’re required to roll your ‘r’s in some words. It just came naturally, and I can ‘purr’ for about ten seconds without pause. Still can’t speak Spanish, though.

2) I occasionally try to balance things. If you find me at the gym on arm day, I’ll probably be at the preacher curls trying to balance a 20lb there. Even now I am trying to get myself stabilized on the chair’s back two legs. But right now, I am trying to balance myself, in a spiritual fashion.

3) I’m enchanted with symmetry, which I guess goes hand in hand with the previous trait, and might even go with a so-called Librian sense. The symmetry might be mathematical (geometric) or social (a good for an evil and vice versa) or something else.

4) I prefer the left to the right. Oddly enough, I am used to having my left hand do a good part on the action. For example, I can type faster one-handed on my left hand, and I am do more knitting action with my left. I know I’m not left-handed, but I wish I could.

No, if you excuse me, there is a knitting pattern I want to try…


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