Sunday Doodads


Since I have been in a state of mild shock with Prince’s passing, I’ve somewhat broke the Facebook hiatus to air out my grief. He wasn’t as influential to me as Bowie was, but still, he was part of my generation. I just wish Death would stop taking these legendary people away. *sigh*

Anyway, I am trying to take another week off Facebook, this time I am adding Twitter to the list. I noticed I hung around there more when I got Facebook, so I am going to try getting away from there also. Already I am noticing I am graviating towards Tumblr, so I might have to get out of there also, if only to get me out of the chair.

Onward to the Writing Challenge!

No. 22 wants to know my morning routine. I have two routines, one for the weekends, and the other for the weekdays.


  • Wake up at 7a.m. or so
  • Shower and wash up
  • Dress for the 8a.m. bus
  • Catch bus for gym
  • Work out
  • Goof off before the 2 p.m. bus home

I used to wake up ten till six a.m. and do the stuff to catch the 6:30 bus because I would spend a bit of time over at Starbucks for tacos and breakfast before going to the gym. However, I have been trying to catch more zzz’s lately, ergo the shifted time frame.


  • Sleep in, usually wake up at 9a.m. or 10a.m.
  • Shower and wash up
  • Knit, goof off
  • Make breakfast
  • Keep on goofing off

No. 23 talks about family members I dislike. I will refrain from answering this one, thank you.

However, if you look back at previous entries this past year, you’ll easily see who. Just saying.

No. 24 wants to know something that I miss.

There are so many things and people that I miss. As time passes, friends I know move on. Opportunities dissolve. Moments of wonder turns into memories. I miss all those. Those perfect moments in which I was perfectly happy.


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