Just another tricky day


I mentioned previously that I was apparently suffering from paresthesias, and that I had a follow-up this week. Yesterday actually. The results from the ER lab work was baffling to the doctor who visiting me: Apparently I’m in perfect health, no metabolic or physical signs that I was in any form of distress. After a few more tests and lots of questions later, I was given a tenuous conjecture that the paresthesias could be partially caused by my clumsy teenage years, when my lack of athletic co-ordination caused lots of balls land on my head. More tests are needed.

In other news, I ready to do the writing challenge.

No. 20 refers to the ever interesting Music Player Challenge, where we put the player on shuffle and put on the first X amount of songs (x being a real, whole number). This time, it is three. However, considering that I have more than 150gigs of uninterrupted musical goodness – that’s the main folder mind you! – I have my work cut out for me

  • First song is Dire Straits: In The Gallery, from their first album.

    Dire Straits is a band that grew on me in the early ’10s. Most of the time was me scoffing for one reason for another, until I heard another one of their albums, ‘Making Movies’. Wow. It took me completely by surprise. Never thought they could sound this way: I thought they were mostly weird guitar funk. (I blame ‘Money for Nothing for that) Then I got the first album and it retains a really good feeling that stands out even in this era.

  • Second song is Belle & Sebastian: The Boy With The Arab Strap, from the 1998 album of the same name.

    Always liked the band, and this song remains a perennial fave, the lyrics a gold mine for thought. For example, “Colour my life with the chaos of trouble/Cause anything’s better than posh isolation” makes you wonder if that is indeed a way to go.

    Anyway, I would say this song is one of my first exposures for this band, another would be “Lazy Painter Jane”. It’s an excellent start for a really good love affair with the music.

  • The last song is Los Amigos Invisibles: Sex Appeal, from their 2013 album ‘Repeat After Me’

    I have no idea how I got into this band. Probably from one of my Pandora radio stations, I don’t know. Anyway, they’ve been around since the late 90s, and I’ve been following them since ’05. They’re an extremely danceable mix of Spanish funk-techno-disco. I heartily suggest this band.

No. 21 asks about my zodiac sign. Now, there are two zodiacs in the mainstream – Western and Eastern. Let us take each one in turn.

Western decrees that I was born under Libra, the sign of the scales. According to this, I am charming and social, but also wishy-washy and hate confrontations. I have often called myself a ‘walking contradiction’: I can be charming/social when I want to be, but I can also be rude and grating. I am known to make a balanced decision yet can be impulsive.

Eastern states that, based on the year of my birth, I am an Earth Goat. Goats echo the Libras with their love of the social and the senses, but they also have an emotional sensitivity. The Earth element adds a stability of temperament, something that is needed in Goats in general.


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