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I’ve been negligent with the Writing Challenge, and with good reason. Most of the latest questions are one sentence answers, but I will try to add more depth into them.

No. 15 asks for my pet peeves. I am rather easy going with a few weird quirks (but then don’t we all?). I don’t have that many things that annoy me, no wait, I do have several.

  1. People who chide others for not praying/going to church/worshipping their god. I mean, really? We all have our ways of faith. Do not force a square block down a star hole.
  2. Leaving weights on the floor instead of the racks, especially those ladies who lift the 15 and 20 weights. Makes me want to throttle them.
  3. Being told that knitting is a ‘woman thing’ and that me being a guy knitter is ‘wrong’. I take great pleasure in putting those people down.

No. 16 wants a bullet list of my day. Well, that’s easy for the 16th of April.

  • Wake up, wash up
  • Breakfast, usually consisting of an egg dish, toast, and coffee.
  • Checking on Twitter, Facebook, email
  • Knitting, reading, playing Animal Crossing
  • Lunch, which was leftover Dominos pizza
  • Checking on Twitter, Facebook, email
  • Knitting, reading, playing Animal Crossing
  • Dinner…I think it was a sandwich
  • Knitting, tea
  • Bed

On average, for a weekend, this is what usually happens. House cleaning really doesn’t happen as often as I like.

No. 17 asks for a quote that I try to live by. I cannot think of one on the top of my head, so I had to hunt for one of them that helped shaped my philosophies. Spending a half-hour trying to find just one is not a good idea to use time, so I’ll put this one on the shelf until later.

No. 18 is way easier – what is my favorite color and why. Of course, it’s blue.

Color Thesurus: Blues

I find blues calming and soothing to me. I have yet to find an ‘ugly’ blue. In fact, if I had my own dyed yarn line, I’d make almost all of the colors in blues. And probably greens. Hm.

Today’s question (No. 19) is a listing for five fears that I have. I am pretty a fearless person, ambling through life with little fear. However, there’s a few things that I am frightened of.

  • Pink Floyd’s ‘The Wall’, both album and movie. Was made to see parts of it when I was younger and never recovered.
  • Heights. I’ve gotten over it, but now and then I get a touch breathless when I get on the stepstool.
  • Losing my momory. This is a minor inconvenience than a fear, really.

That’s all I can think of really.


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