Things I do for love (of coffee)


So right now, I am at Starbucks. Not the usual one, which is closed for the month for remodeling, but instead the other one across town. The one accessible, to me, by bus. But why? What can bring me out of my stupor of sleep and get me in two busses. Why, coffee, of course.


It might be considered that I am addicted to the stuff, but I think that it is more of the calm oasis that Starbucks can provide. If the Harlingen library could sell coffee with books I would be there far more often. But here, I am only a transient, only staying for a few hours until the gym. And the terrible choice of what is for lunch. Thankfully, I brought sandwiches. And knitting.


After Mom’s shawl, I was looking for something transportable and small to knit. I found the second sock under the pile of yarn balls on my desk (We all have that problem; don’t look at me that way). I would’ve taken the BSJacket, but I don’t know where I left it, which is odd considering I have so little places to so nonchalantly lose it.

But my cup needs refilling, so I’ll be back.


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