Days on, day off


Recent events have left me wrung out and mentally exhausted. It’s the same things over and over again. The people around me have turned into skipping records, and I am, on the most par, really sick of it all. In order to take some of my mind out of things, I am taking a week-long hiatus from facebook and maybe Twitter. I don’t know about the latter, though. At least I can take most of the day out of there. And don’t get me started on Tumblr. I can stay away from there for days.

Anyway, I am needing to update. Catch you folks up on things. Including yarny knits.

Friday, while I was researching how to dye yarn with food coloring, I found this nifty tutorial on how to dye in the microwave. My interest piqued! I was curious and dug into my yarn stash to try it out.

Yarn bath!

Using a skein of Fibranatural Shepherd’s Own I found ages ago at (where else?) Tuesday Morning. After soaking the yarn in vinegar water (three cups water, one 1/2 or so vinegar) for about 45 minutes, I added the dye; I used generic gel colors from Hobby Lobby. To a half-cup of water, I added a tablespoon of vinegar and ten or so drops of food coloring. I used three colors – yellow, green, and blue. After pouring the dye into the pot, I gently moved it into the microwave, where I let it heat up in several intervals of three minutes. Then I let it cool and got this Saturday morning:

Yarn bath II

A quick draining/rinsing, and I hung it up to dry.

Yarn bath III

The green overtook the other two, but there are spots of them still around the yarn. Also, there are spots of undyed yarn around. However, I am loving it. The dye bath did nothing to remove the crimp and the spring of the yarn, and frankly, I am willing to use the other two skeins I got for further experimentation. Or try to find that skein of sock yarn for it. So many things to do with dye.

I should be doing the Writing Challenge, but that will be tomorrow. I’m promise you.


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