Five for Monday


As much as I wanted to make this update Sunday, I thought that I can make this long, winding meander towards the last five entries, so I’m like, why not. It’s not like I have anything waiting for me.

So, onward!

No. 7 asks for tattoo designs. I don’t have one, though I would like to have one of either the star of chaos…

…with perhaps a script around it that says ‘In hoc signo vinces’, ‘By this sign you will conquer’. Placed on the shoulder or such. Either that or this awesome tribal moose design I found on the net, creator unknown.

moose tat

Back tat, I’m sure.

No. 8 asks for books I liked and did not. I am a bit hard up on the second question because I thought that there was no book I didn’t like until high school, where I read Dalton Trumbo’s Johnny Got His Gun, a 1930s anti-war novel, as part of an assignment. The results were not good, and it remains one of the books I do not like.

As for the ones I do like, mostly every book I have read I liked, or else I wouldn’t be reading them! But one of the more recent books would have to be Rick Riordan’s Gods of Olympus series. I recently bought the last book, The Blood of Olympus, and enjoyed it very much. It was an amazing ride from start to finish. However, I am hearing that he is continuing this story, so the hunt is on for the other books…

No. 9 asks for my feelings on ageism. I had to look this word up, to be honest, and I have to say that I am guilty of this in one form of the other It’s the old stereotypes that old people are never up to date with technology and that they are ‘fossilized’ I probably was probably taught those by the TV when I was younger. Of course, the human mind is always up for relearning and reconditioning, so I am up to be taught to be mistaken, as I was last week when I saw an 80 year old lady deadlifting.

No. 10 is talking about fruit. No idea why, but I not fond of melons in general. I can get a few slices of summer-ripe cantaloupe down my throat, but apart from that, I shun them.

Last for now, No. 11 refers to my current relationship. I am single and looking, but I do not want a one-night stand. A romantic interlude is better. I want to be charmed, to be talked to, to converse over coffee, to be given fancy sweet talk in text messages. Belly rubs, smooches, snugs. Nights of cuddling, days of hugging. Flowers and chocolates. That sort of thing.

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