Catch-ups and Ketchups


I’ve been distracted. Things have happened that has left me head-scratching and plain confused. Ergo, the lack of the current updates. But at least I can give you a condensed version.

Monday night I was experiencing dizziness and numbness of the left side, so Tuesday morning I went to the general doc’s to get that looked at. After a few tests, they thought I was having a minor stroke, so I was rushed to the ER for more testing. The ER doc thankfully gave me a clean bill of health, but he said I was having a general case of paresthesias. With that, I was shuffled off to a nerve specialist to see what they can do, but I couldn’t go because Wednesday I was having a case of minor cold and sinus trouble. That could have been the cause of the first event, but I need to go back to the general doc to make sure. *sigh*

For knitting, two things. One is that I am finished with a quick shawl.

Simple shawl

This was meant to be a hat, but the gauge was way too tight for anyone, so I frogged it and added the other two skeins to make this. The shawl is out of Arauciana Maipo, colorway 108, which is a brownish olive. Turns to a burnished gold dappled with browns in the sun. Seeing this is a bulky yarn, I got my US18 needles and cast on for a triangular shawl. Two skeins later, I added a few rows of basic lace and voila! instant fashion. And it feels so soft and cuddly. I’m going to mail this off with the BSJacket when that is finished.

I finally finished Mom’s First Point of Libra shawl.

FPoL done!

Alas, this is only photo of the finished item. The moment I took it off the blocking board and gave it to Mom, she whisked it away and I have not been able to take a photo of it with her wearing it. Still, as you can tell, it is a huge monster. When measured on the side, it was almost 40 inches wide. I just wish I could have taken another photo…

As for the writing challenge, fear not. I’ll post again today so I don’t bog you down with a huge blog entry.


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