A thing of shreds and patches


Yes, I skipped yesterday. I can only hope this doesn’t become a habit. But symmetry is an interesting thing, and I must keep up a reflection. More on that as the month progresses.

So what’s up with you? I am feeling in need of a doctor: I’ve been lightheaded and distracted more often than usual, and it is worrying me. I will probably stop by as a walk-in later today to see what can be done. Blood tests, hopefully.

I’m been a bit more irritable than usual, as odd as it seems. Most of the family knows how prickly I can be (think porcupine). But now it feels that every little thing will set me off, and it is also worrying me.

But that comes later. Right now, onwards to the Writing Challenge.

No.5 asks for a place that I would live in, but never visited. For that I would have to choose mostly any city in the US, but if I had to pin down a place, I’d choose Seattle. I’d be near relatives (one of my aunts lives an hour or so away) and, from what I hear, it is perfect rose-growing weather.

No. 6 asks for someone who fascinates me and why. One of them is pro bodybuilder Lee Priest. I’ve been following him since the 90’s, when I discovered weightlifting/bodybuilding, and I’ve always had a slight crush on him. I mean, those arms alone got me hooked on him. And that accent. Wow. *fans self* He, along with past bodybuilder Nasser El-Sonbaty, has this ‘screw you all’ mentality that got me warmed up to him. The addition of his tats got me extra warmed up to him. He’s still an inspiration to me, if you haven’t gathered that by now.


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