Nothing is as it seems



I should have written something yesterday, but first loves and kisses are best to be left to the imagination. Meaning, I won’t talk about them when I’m sober. If that was the case, I would have taken a few sips of vodka to loosen the tongue. Hah.

But today is the so-called 10 Interesting Facts about me:

1) My ‘sona name (Joey Moose) started in IRC, when a #sinfest pal called me that name. After questioning, he said it came from The Mighty Boosh. A few days after, when I was brainstorming the ‘sona, the name came up, and I thought, heeey, a moose!

2) J.Moose has been with me for about ten years. He is a powerlifting, kitten herding, Hawaiian shirt wearing, ukelele playing, cuddly ol’ moose with feet instead of hooves. I’ve written about him in various stories and part of the Bar Jocks series.

3) In a fit of disgust, I got rid of almost all of my Piers Anthony and instead replaced with Pratchett and Riordan. Mainly was the reason was that I outgrew those wretched puns that Anthony would use.

4) I have 23 artworks on display in my wall, prints and original art, with more waiting to be hung.

5) I consider the days at the newspaper some of the best years of my life. The chance to make my voice heard, as well as the chance to hobnob with the higher-uppers, boosted my self-esteem and my assurance to no end. Sure I did mess up a few times, but I was still a newbie in many ways. I don’t regret them.

6) I have a strong imagination and a good creative mind. I can whip up a storyline on mere scraps, I can think toss ideas around like a juggler with his balls. This has lead to some weird things I have written, mumbled ideas of new knitting patterns at the gym, and the ever-evolving Joey Shuffle.

7) Chances are I have an undiagnosed case of Attention Deficit Disorder or some variant thereof. From what I can remember, I didn’t pay much attention in school and somewhat impulsive. Reading grounded me (and therefore helped with No. 6) and helped somewhat. However, I don’t pay much attention to it nowadays. I do catch myself getting distracted more often though.

8) One of the things I am most angry about is that I have not yet been in love. I have never been in a relationship; I am a hopeless romantic that loves to be charmed and wooed. One-night stands are good, but I’d rather be in a relationship.

9) Music is one of my great addictions. I cannot go throughout the day without hearing something from my computer or the music player. But the music has to be good; I am a guy with discriminating tastes. So no so-called ‘bro-country’, hiphop/rap, metal of most kinds, and anything that offends my ears. Apart from that, it’s all fair game.

10) I really can’t think of anything else at the moment…


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