Of Ships, Shoes, and Sealing Wax


Day two of this 30 Day Challenge, in which memory is discussed. But right now, let’s play catch up.

So, a few days ago, I turned a skein of superwash wool into an ombre-esque skein of superwash wool thanks to Kool-Aid and a bit of creativity. Well, after the yarn was dry I cast on and knit. And kept on knitting.

And now the skein is finished, and it looks pretty so far.

BSJacket in the making

So far, the Baby Surprise Jacket (BSJ) is pretty alright.

Nice ombre detail

And the color is pretty alright too. An awesome ombre shading of shamrock green to a few splotches of aqua, then to the original color of the yarn. However, this is one ball of the yarn, leaving me to be forced to make another batch of the yarn. Therein lies the problem: I have no lemon-lime Kool-Aid. I just have Blue Raspberry and plain Lemonade, so I am forced to blend the two together and see how that works. Might be good.

But now, to the topic at hand, the earliest memory, which would have to be my second birthday. Most of the moment is gone, but I can still remember the party with the cookies and cream ice cream and the khaki, plastic tape player. I am pretty sure that we used it to record the audio, but the tape got lost (or recorded over). Still, it’s not much to remember.


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