Thirty days, thirty nights of writing


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Actually, like last year, I’m trying for a thirty day writing challenge, as listed:

And like last year, I hope I will finish. No idea why I didn’t finish last year’s. Hm.

So, to begin, Five Problems with Social Media

1) First and foremost, it is too much information to digest! You are deluged with all this stuff other people are posting/tweeting/etc. and you feel like you are either treading water or drowning in the sea of stuff. Which brings me to No. 2…

2) People! You got your local people posting, your less-local friends, the celebs, the news outlets, your family, and other interesting folks on your feeds and you just can’t keep it up. Which leads to No. 3…

3) The Capulets and the Montagues. You get your own little skirmishes that you could keep up with, or you could, as Nanny Ogg does, egg on both sides to greater froth. Of course, if you don’t do either, you have to be careful with not offending either side. Which brings me to…

4) Offensive thoughts. With the conglomeration of people you follow (or follow you), sometimes you get posts that are just plain bad. Hideous. You can do either – unfollow them or correct them. You could also report them, but we’re not going to that. But yes, either one of the two. But then that takes us to…

5) Desensitization. The fact that we are becoming less connected with our fellow folks. Which is basically a combination of the four, if you think about it. Too much information from too many people that have their own agenda, either good or bad, can blind perceptions, leading to people wondering why we are not paying attention to what is going on around us.

I could be wrong with all this, of course.


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