Gauge and you


Basically, gauge is the ratio of stitches per inch, either in knitting or crochet. The more stitches they are, the finer the fabric. Gauge also informs the crafter to the given size of needles and the yarn. If the gauge is large, say 2 per inch, we can see that the yarn is really bulky and the needles really huge.

Of course there exceptions to the explanation, depending on what one is knitting/crocheting. Most shawls and scarves do not need it, of course. Which leads me to the latest upset.


This is Mom’s FPoL, the first border panel done. And as you can tell, it is huge. Big. Gigantic. Words only hint at how it really is, I assure you.

While I was binding off the first panel, part of me was wondering if it was really that big. I laughed, thinking that I was wrong. However, the knitting deities cursed me because of such pride, and I am agog at the wingspan. The table itself is about three feet wide.

It does make me wonder how big it will get when it gets blocked. (Point: gauge changes after a wash in woolwash, which leads to horrifying events)

At least it is beautiful.


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