Monday Randomness


1) Starbucks is empty. Not empty-as-apocalypse empty, but it’s near close to being this way. Apparently, this happens every year about this time.

2) This time being Spring Break as well as the beginning time frame of Daylight Savings. The former is good because I can head off to the Island, as tradition requests. The latter is horrible because I am still stuck to non-Daylight Savings and I missed the first bus of the morning. Damn circadian rhythms.

3) Today is also Pi Day here in the States, where the date ‘3/14’ is, of course, the first digits of the irrational number π. But then, I follow the recent trends, and as I was browsing through Facebook this morning, I came across this.

Which I am all for. Huzzah for Rounded Pi Day!

4) The morning is delightfully overcast. No heat or chill, just solid cloud cover and a mild breeze. Perfect for showing off knitted items.

5) Unfortunately, the only thing I have with me is Mom’s First Point of Libra shawl, and I rather not spam the page with more photos of the shawl.

6) But then, who can resist showing it off?

Gentle gradations

I’ve said that the shawl is beautiful either way, and it shows. Gosh, does it show.

7) Much like an near-apocalypse empty Starbucks.


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