I’m melting with every single touch
Like the ice around the poles
-De-Phazz, “What’s the Word for Memory?

Second week of March, and I’m, as usual, at wits’ end. I call it boredom. Nothing to do, I say. It’s like I have explored this area and found its mysteries intreiging, beckoning me to adventures. But like the hypothetical protagonist in O. Henry’s ‘The Green Door’, I prefer the warm comforts of routine. At least, I can find unknown variables while I’m out and about. Home leaves much to be desired in adventure.

Speaking of adventures, I went over to the movies yesterday.

I can hear a few gears grinding to a stop. People are like, “Joe, you never head to the movie theater!” which is correct. I never really go to see a movie, much less sit down and actually enjoy it. Even rarer that I will become an epic fanboy of said movie.

Which movie? Zootopia.

Subway selfie...?

After seeing so much good reviews on Twitter, I went over to the movies and sat down for an amazing ride. I mean, it was superbly done. I was kept guessing what happens next throughout the movie. Lots of amazing scenes. I will watch it again sometime in the future. Maybe when it heads to the dollar theater. 😀 Or just find it online.

Saturday, being the first of the month, was Market Days, where I spent a good bunch of time just relaxing in the mild weather. I also spent a portion of the afternoon coloring.

Finished coloring

A small music hall/cafe opened up shop, and I spent a few hours enjoying the company (and their chocolate pie). I also went found a vinyl of Steely Dan’s ‘Aja’, which was an amazing find to me.

As for my knitting…let’s not go into that, hm?


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